Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I've Been a Busy Little Beader

Wow, its been a bit longer break than I intended, not aided by being unable to upload pictures here recently, but onwards and upwards! I have really enjoyed busily creating new pieces of jewellery this week and having the requisite photo shoots prior to listing them in my online stores. Here's just a very small taste of what I've been up to....

the top image is Mulberry Butterfly Necklace, vintage Papua and New Guinea postage stamp, glazed and set under domed magnifying glass, in a copper setting. This just went into my etsy store yesterday.

The madeit store has been shown some love and attention too, with Persuasion Earrings above, and Sweet Disposition Earrings below both being placed up for sale.

I also just put these Serene Teal Rose Earrings in my madeit store, www.madeit.com.au/Starzyia

The etsy store link is, as always, www.starzyia.etsy.com

BUT, don't go away yet! If you would like to join my Birthday Club, you can leave a comment here on the blog, simply stating the month of your birthday. What do you get? Well a 15% discount not just on the day of your birthday, but during the entire month of your birthday! That way you don't miss out if you're too busy to shop on your special day. Simply code 'Birthday Club' at checkout and your discount will be applied before you pay!

Friday, May 27, 2011

New in the Starzyia Madeit Store

Ruby Bliss Butterfly Bracelet

one of the bargains to be had at my madeit store where prices begin at $8!

Plum Bean Earrings

Coral Isle Bracelet

Trinity Rose Earrings


Happy Weekend!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bright Colours, the Mystery is Solved

When I returned from Adelaide, the first thing I did (business wise) after re-opening my two stores was start ordering some new supplies. I found myself attracted to some very bold and bright colours, which was unusual for me, and so I went on my facebook business page and promised my fans 'more colour'. But I wasn't sure why I was working with bright yellow for the first time in my life.

The supplies started to trickle in and this week in particular I began to create and list my 'more colour' designs.

Then last night, I suddenly realized what was behind it all.... I was choosing colours that my late Aunty can see and enjoy, with her vision impairment the pale colours all blend in and she can't distinguish one from another. So I guess I am making things that might bring her seal of approval.

Although I did list this last pair of earrings today, more my original style, in my madeit store. They are called Midnight Sun, because the flower design is helianthus, the wild sunflower native to America.

So far the bright colour trend seems to be something my fans are welcoming, so thank you for supporting me. I will keep working the 'more colour' angle, as well as producing some of the classic, elegant and vintage inspired pieces from before.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Enchanting Etsy Finds

Every day should be enchanting, wonderful, truly worth living, no matter what you have going on in your life, find the magic and you will endure with joy. Here are some of my favourite enchanting handmade items...

The top image shows the necklace Magic of Home by Australian etsy seller jewelflyt, I love the feeling of nostalgia for home depicted inside this witches' hat pendant.

I find these earrings by beautyspot bring me great serenity, but also awe for the simple beauty, and remind me of the wonderful symbolic meaning of deciduous trees which denote harmony in nature.

The robin's nest terrarium necklace by WoodlandBelle is made to order, and is part of the seller's star line up of beautiful terrarium necklaces.

Blackberry Patch necklace by MySelvedgedLife, one of my very favourite etsy sellers, and so hard to pick just the one creation from this shop.

And from fellow Australian seller sageandmage I had to include the ritual potion, but you should check out her sacred jewelry and other offerings today (if you have not already, and hey if you have, why not do it again!)


More of my favourites can be viewed on my profile page at etsy!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

How Do You Like Your Vintage Postage?

There are so many options when I am creating vintage postage stamp jewelry.... something for every taste.

Do you like your vintage 'dirty'? The necklace above is a postmarked 1973 stamp from Singapore and is stained, giving you the feeling the letter it carried went through some trials to reach its recipient.

The ladybird stamp here, is from the UK, and is heavily postmarked, so you clearly remember its origin as a postage stamp.

But I also have a large range of absolutely immaculate postage stamps for use in jewelry, these are free of markings so that you can concentrate on the beautiful image, this necklace features one of my grandmother's Polish postage stamps.

I am working on some images suitable for men's jewelry or cards for men, and some sets of stamps to sell in my store called Trains, Planes, and Automobiles... as well as some very historic sailing ships.

So how do you like it?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Most Beautiful Monday, sorry I'm late!

I like to make these posts on Monday, but I've been busy taking photos for my very dear friend, Diane, who lives in America, it is our dream she will one day come to Australia and join me on my walk around the river and lake at the end of my street. I have even created an album dedicated to her on facebook, called Diane's Daily Dose of Australia. Not sure whether these will inspire her or torture her, maybe a little bit of both.

I love this stark white path through the dark, bare trees, it looks even more like a fairy tale setting when its a grey or misty day, the section ahead curves and is flanked by black, leafless trees so I'm hoping to get some enchanting pics when I am not looking into the sun.

If you want to come to Australia, why not make the trip, the more the merrier... Oprah did it, why can't you?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Second Look at April... Memorable Moments

The start of April saw me in Adelaide, where my mother and I were working on closing up my late Aunt's house. This was very difficult, of course, but I can now laugh at my astonishment when cleaning my Aunt's gas stove, grill, and oven. I began with wiping the grill, and removed the tray, only to find.... a pile of straw mulch, sand and pebbles inside the grill chamber! I was absolutely stupified, and in a daze kept repeating the questions 'how?' and 'why?' over and over in a small whimper. The act of cleaning the grill lead to me knocking the rubbish into the oven chamber, which then had to be cleaned, and then the rubbish spilled onto the floor... one job leading to another, as I wondered, how on earth aunty had gotten this garden waste in her grill? She used to get meals on wheels and never used the stove except one hot plate to boil the kettle, the rest of the time she used a toaster oven to reheat her meals. A mystery indeed, but definitely something to laugh about now that the job of cleaning is long over.

Of course we had booked our flight home to Perth for April 5th, and so it was soon time for us to say goodbye for the last time to the home where my grandmother and aunt had lived for 36 years. Very hard. I admit I had tears in my eyes leaving the house, and again as the plane taxied onto the runway, saying out loud "goodbye Adelaide, goodbye house, goodbye Aunty". I think I would have been a complete emotional goner at that point if it weren't for the small child who shouted 'faster, faster' during approach for take off, and then 'weee-heee' as we lifted into the air. Bless the little darling for making me laugh.

Not so happy about the last thirty minutes of the flight... rough turbulence on descent, and as the air stewardesses were walking past my seat and the plane lurched roughly from side to side, one said 'Oh my God!'. NOT what passengers want to hear coming from the staff!

By early evening we were home, and found that the leaves were changing as the first signs of autumn came over a city that had been ravaged by a long, hot summer. We arrived home to the news that two of Perth's water supply dams were empty and the third at 24% of its capacity! Please pray for rain for us.

A big thank you to Pack And Send who couriered our family treasures home from Adelaide, they were a complete delight, so friendly and helpful unlike the first two companies we rang. We spent a lovely afternoon unpacking the family china and tea sets, but admit the rest of the things are still in the front lounge...

I spent the day before ANZAC Day researching both my grandfather's military records on behalf of my parents. But wasn't happy when my mother served Bonox for lunch (if you don't know what bonox is, imagine meat coffee and you won't be that far off)... I sat under the back patio and ate Maltesers out of my purse.

Finally, I decided that for my lovely cat Roman's 18th Birthday today, I would hold a Mayday sale for both of my stores (etsy and madeit) you can save 20% until 11pm 2nd May (Perth time).

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Under My Umbrella, Images of Peace

This is my newest altered art necklace, entitled Under My Umbrella. It features a classic UK Christmas postage stamp, a symbol of love and peace, with the two doves taking shelter beneath an umbrella of a map of the world. You might also note that there is a black dove and a white dove, in loving harmony.

As a long time peace advocate and activist, I have decided to open a new etsy Treasury to celebrate and promote images of peace, which I will call No Pipe Dream: Images of Peace. I will post a link here and on my faceboook fan page when I have compiled the first line up. I intend to keep this treasury as a perpetual gallery, so there is time for you to still take a photograph or create a piece of art suitable for display in the treasury.

May you create peace in your self, in your community, and in this cosmos, with love, Starry.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Men In Uniform, ANZAC Day Round Up

At this time of remembering our service men and women, my mother came to me and asked me to help her to access her father's military records, which I was more than happy to do. First of all, let me introduce you to my grandfather, Edward Kenneth Boyd (above) who served in the Australian Imperial Force (the Army) in World War I. You can also see him with his mates in the picture below, he is the man in the centre of the picture.

Mum's request came in response to a television promotion for the site ancestry.com.au which was advertising free access to military records in the lead up to ANZAC Day. However, I have to warn you, the search engine in that site was pathetic and frustrating, although I had indicated that my grandfather was an Australian servicemen, the result came up with hundreds of American draft cards! I then swore a little bit and said to mum it would be better to try a google search. I typed in 'australian world war one records' and the first result was for the Australian National Archives, which gave me free access to my grandfather's military jacket (or file if you prefer).

What do you get in these records? You might wonder... well, you can see an online folder, of all the paperwork that has been scanned for the archives, and how interesting the contents are depends on some factors. I have now obtained the records for both of my grandfathers so I am in a position to compare and contrast.

First thing you will see is the registration to become a serviceman, and a letter of consent from the applicants parents if they were under a certain age at the time. We have such a letter for my maternal grandfather but not my paternal grandfather who was a young adult at the time he applied.

The paperwork will tell you any significant answers you seek in terms of your relation's occupation and address at the time of enlistment, any previous military or civilian service etc.

The medical report at time of enlistment is next, detailing the height, weight, chest measurement, eye colour, complexion, and hair colour, as well as any distinguishing marks etc.

You will have a full list of all promotions, reductions, casualties, and all movements including dates of embarkation and disembarkation, all places where they trained and served, and in my peternal grandfather's file a copy of a letter sent to my great grandmother at the time he was wounded by shrapnel.

In Edward Kenneth's file we saw two disciplinary notes, one for failing to salute a senior officer, and one for arriving late to stable parade... though it would be very interesting to know the circumstances surrounding these as there may be mitigating factors. He certainly had no severe punishment for either and was never demoted.

Here are two scanned copies of postcards sent home by my grandfather from Egypt during the war, these of course came from our personal keepsakes not the national archives.

But you can choose to download a copy of the military files to your computer or print them out, and I have done both.

Wishing you comfort on ANZAC Day and I hope you will also take the time to work towards peace in this world, through prayer, mediation, education, or activism, whatever floats your boat!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Most Beautiful Monday - Daisy Symbolism

Its been a while since I have celebrated Most Beautiful Monday, but I was poking around in the garden looking for a way to exercise my camera, when I found pleasure in a simple daisy bush, also the subject of keen interest from this bee. I love the humble daisy, once called the Day's Eye as this flower turns a blind eye to the darkness of night and hence represents virtue and stoic resistence to corruption. A true token of innocence and virtue, this flower was once planted in remembrance of lost infants. My yellow daisy is the colour of hope and optimism, a great mood and energy booster, and in a small vase in the centre of your table may help boost the appetite of those recovering from illness. Bees are symbolic of selfless toil, and in Christianity they represent chastity as most bees lead a sexless life merely working diligently for the greater good.

Wishing you a happy day!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Love From Beyond... a Haunting moment

Love lives beyond,

the tomb, the earth, the flowers, and dew

I love the fond,

the faithful, young, and the true.

(John Clare)

As both a religious and spiritual person, with ample spiritual experiences, I did wonder what lay ahead of me when I traveled east upon the death of my aunt (see previous posts). From childhood I have experienced visits from my relatives who have 'passed on', however Aunty died suddenly, unexpectedly, and horribly.... how would she appear to me, and how was she coping with her journey? Also, if I had experiences with Aunty, would I tell all to my mother? These were the things that were weighing on my mind, aside from the usual things we all experience in these situations.

When I entered Auntie's house, I knew immediately that she was in Heaven, though not unobservant of our presence and activities in the house. I knew she was not in turmoil, but reaping the fruits of her faith. That helped me so much to focus on the tasks ahead.

But one night, sometime in the middle of the night, I was lying awake in bed. I was on my back, and a lock of my hair was lying on my forehead, dangling over my eye. I was very relaxed, and then the lock of hair was swept across my forehead to the side and my whole forehead was tingling. It was exactly as a parent sweeps the hair of their child as they lie sleeping, and I felt awash with complete love and acceptance by Aunty. It was such a beautiful and special moment, I lay awake afterwards just remembering every sensation, of the tingling, of the movement of the hair, of the emotional cocoon.... and I know that Aunty would have visited my mum the same night, but mum would have slept right through it as she isn't sensitive, still, I was able to tell my mum what happened and that she too would have been looked in on and visited with such love.

Now, more than ever, I will be creating special butterfly pieces, as the butterfly is symbolic of eternal life and love. And if you are familiar with my butterfly pieces, you have probably already heard my favourite quote:
Life is the childhood of our immortality

If you would like a special butterfly creation or other symbolic or altered art creation, don't forget to visit me at my etsy or madeit stores

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Love is Strength... My Inspirational Family

Meet my mother's family:

Mum in the back, next to her father;

My Aunty Jean in the front left, next to my grandmother.
This would have been taken in the early 1950's. Having written the eulogy for my Aunt, I am still basking in the love and admiration I feel towards my family, and thought I'd like to expand on my last post which included a copy of the eulogy of my Aunt. When my Aunty was born in 1934, she had only one eye and was also hearing impaired. The doctors told my grandparents that Nanna must have had Rubella while pregnant without even knowing it. Aunty did not have a true eye socket on her right side so could not be given a glass eye, she had a skin graft over the 'eye' giving her a flat face on that side. When she grew up and for the rest of her life she would be issued eye glasses with a prosthetic eye attached to the right side. With her left eye, she could not see well. I can only imagine the concerns my grandparents must have had and the difficulties getting help for aunty when they lived in the country on a dairy farm. While my grandparents worked, they also had to ensure that their daughter was safe from harm. Perhaps some people might have been persuaded to give up a child like this to an institution, but this was a loving family determined to make the best of all that came their way. My mother was born in 1937, a younger sister for Aunty but someone who would grow up more in the role of elder sister, and who went to school ahead of Aunty, who was kept out of school by the local principal. Aunty would stay home watching her younger sister go off to school, making playmates, and mastering the reading, writing, and mathematics. Not that my grandmother was happy with this arrangement! She persistently confronted the school principal demanind education for her eldest daughter, yet he adamantly maintained a negative attitude. Nanna knew that Auntie's best chance in life was to be educated, and she also wanted her to be part of the community, not an outcast or a loner. She constantly put her pride on the line to fight it out for her daughter only to have to go home with disappointment simmering in her belly, and of course, she had to behave as a Christian lady even if she was dealing with a hard hearted and uncharitable man. I recently asked my mother if children picked on Aunty for her strange looks, mum told me they didn't say anything but they always stared. The blessing was that Aunty could not see them gaping after her everywhere that she went, though mum admitted she used to feel angry and wished she could 'punch them'.
(My Aunty Jean, Nanna, and Mum)

When Aunty Jean was 10, the school got a new principal, and my grandmother once again summoned up the courage to fight for her daughter, fortunately this new principal was very willing to arrange for Aunty to be taught at home via correspondence lessons (as Aunty could not see or hear well enough to attend a regular classroom). My Nanna would take time out of her busy daily life to supervise Auntie's lessons and Aunty completed her first four years of primary education in this way.

Alas the demands of the lessons soon exceeded what my Nanna could manage, as she was not a trained teacher and also had a lot of work piling up around her... a farm life is no walk in the park! Aunty had to drop out of her lessons but would seek education and betterment all the days of her life.

Unfortunately the sight in Auntie's one eye deteriorated quite badly due to cataracts, and at first the surgeons were very reluctant to do anything, knowing if they made any mistakes she could become completely blind. A scary prospect. Meanwhile at the age of 18 Aunty was finally fitted with a hearing aid, and this greatly improved her ability to communicate. She would later get her cataracts removed as the sight got to the point where it couldn't get any worse. Aunty could now see and hear the best she ever had, a new world was opening up for her.

To help Aunty in her quest for education and to communicate, she was taken in by her paternal grandmother and aunts, who willingly escorted her on a several leg commute every time she had a hospital appointment or classes in Braille at the Institute for the Blind. I am completely in awe of all the wonderful women in both my grandmother and grandfather's side of the family!

Although Aunty never finished highschool, or attended university, she did continue to learn and was an incredibly well spoken and intelligent person. She had a very large collection of dictionaries, reference books, Australian History and English Literature books and often contributed information to radio and newspaper debates and research questions, in fact she had many thank you letters from journalists and few would have realised just how little formal education she had.

Aunty was also someone who had incredible and beautiful Christian faith and would minister to her extended list of penpals from around the world, always gently encouraging them through their personal trials and tribulations.

After my grandfather passed away, my Nanna and Aunty were offered a home in Adelaide, where the Housing Trust promised my grandmother that her rent would never be raised during her lifetime, a promise they honoured from 1975 to the year 2000 when she passed away.

Once they were living in Adelaide the horizons expanded, Aunty could become more involved in the BlindWelfare Society, and Nanna also worked tirelessly for this charity, being awarded the title Life Governor for her work. Both Nanna and Aunty knitted all the time to provide items for the Blind Welfare stalls and raffles. Aunty also submitted many award winning doll outfits to the Royal Adelaide Show and on occasion, the Melbourne Show.

I have never met two people who have never given me the tiniest inkling of self pity such as these amazing women, they just got on with living, always humble, always willing to take happiness in the small things around them, and always demonstrating that love is strength.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tribute to My Aunty Jean

As many of you know, I have just returned from Adelaide, a sad journey I made with my mother following the untimely death of my beloved Aunt, pictured with me, above. Although Aunty had just turned 77, she was expected to live a good fifteen to twenty years more as all the women in our family have aged well into their nineties, but sadly my dear Aunt was walking home from buying the Sunday paper when she was killed by a car reversing from a driveway. This is of course a most tragic and horrible end to an amazing life, but in spite of our sadness, horror, and shock, we are choosing to reflect as positively as possible on the life of this incredible lady. We have been greatly assisted in this matter by the wonderful Wayne Shepherd who delivered a beautiful service in the church aunty had attended for the last decades of her life. Wayne had also created the service for my precious grandmother who passed in the year 2000. I was not able to attend my grandmother's funeral, and I had never healed from that terrible sadness of being absent, I now feel that having met Wayne, and attended the church, that I can heal now, which is a great blessing. I would like very much, if you could take the time to read the eulogy I wrote for my Aunty, as she was such a unique and inspirational person, so, here is a copy....
Eulogy for Lillian Jean Boyd

Jean was born on January 8th 1934 at Victor Harbour. Her parents were Ken and Mary, and her younger sister Ruth was born in 1937. Jean's early childhood was spent at Goolwa on a dairy farm.

Jean has had a vision impairment since birth. Her sister Ruth started school at Goolwa and Mary was determined to have Jean educated but the school principal resisted. A new school principal was willing to assist when Jean was 10 years old. Jean's lessons came through the correspondence school in Adelaide and Mary supervised them at home.

When Jean was at a 4th grade level the work became too much for Mary who was not a trained teacher but had enabled Jean to read and write. At this point Jean dropped out of school but would resume learning later in her life. Unlike many children who dislike school and learning, Jean wanted to learn and Mary was determined for her to be educated and to have a place in the world.

During Jean and Ruth's childhood the family made a move to another farm on Hindmarsh Island. Here the girls were kept entertained by a wireless radio, card games, and imaginary games. They were also avid readers and books were popular and treasured gifts.

The family moved again to Norton Summit and at age 18 Jean was fitted with a hearing aid, and began to learn braille. To allow for this to happen, Jean stayed with her grandmother and aunts at Leabrook. The family were very generous and committed to commuting to all Jean's appointments and to the Institution For the Blind. This was really a wonderful act of devotion.

Once Jean mastered her braille course her education was further enabled.

Ours was a tight knit family and there were always many visits and travels together. Jean and Ruth were particularly close to their cousins, aunts and uncles. The family also lived through the Black Sunday bushfires which came in from Marble Hill.

The family then moved to Yundi. Jean continued reading braille and began a lifelong passion for penpal relationships with people from around the world.

Ruth bought a typewriter and remarkably Jean learned to type. She typed many of her letters to friends but as she could not read what she had written, she needed someone to tell her what she had last typed if she was interrupted.

Sadly in 1975 Jean's father became very ill and was treated at Daw's Road Repat until he died in April of that year. The Housing Trust offered Mary and Jean a home at Falcon Avenue where they both lived their lives out, making wonderful friends in the community.

Jean has enjoyed a very active social life with clubs and groups including the Blind Welfare Society, Blind Bowling, craft groups, her walking group, penpals, and of course her church.

Jean was a passionate cricket fan, always listened to games on the radio and also loved talkback radio.

Jean was also a mad keen photographer and one of the very special things about her collection of photographs is that we can see how she never took her sight for granted, she literally saw beauty all around.

Jean was an avid stamp collector and was incredibly knowledgeable about philately, an interest she passed on to her niece.

Jean was also very talented with her knitting, creating a great number of prize winning dolls dresses, scarves, rugs, and cushions at the Royal Adelaide and Melbourne Agricultural Shows.

Jean was also very charitable and a lady of great Christian faith.

It is very important that you know that we, as a family, believe that Jean has gone home to Glory, and is joyfully reunited with her parents, aunts, and uncles, and that God has blessed her greatly. We have also been beautifully blessed to have loved and been loved by her.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's New at Starry Girl by Starzyia

I've been busy making more altered art necklaces, the one featured above, Butterfly Symphony, will be added to my etsy store very soon. The Purple Delight necklace below, is currently in my etsy store and features a vintage Hungarian (Magyar Posta) stamp from my grandmother's collection.

Soon to come to my etsy store... Tea Leaf Readings, yes! Email or convo me the image of your tea leaves and I will give you a divination of their symbolic meaning. The readings are great fun, and will cost $5

I am also considering offering tarot card readings through the store, or privately via paypal, I am very experienced, and my readings focus on inspiring and encouraging you on your journey, a guide to coping with what you are experiencing in life.

The earrings below are a recent addition to my madeit store www.madeit.com.au/Starzyia and were inspired by vintage Madonna, the Like A Prayer album where she wheres all the different coloured gemstone fashion jewelry at once.

I have also begun a new tweet segment, every morning via twitter, I choose a symbol for the day and a link to an item featuring it by another etsy seller. So far the daily symbols have been: pyramid, heart, apple, owl. If you'd like to see my daily symbol please follow me on twitter
www.twitter.com/sssStarzyia or use the button on the side of my blog.
Twice a week on my facebook fan page I will feature my own handmade Pick of the Day with a 24 hour discount code to save 15%, these picks will be posted on Tuesdays and Fridays in the afternoon. If you'd like to see my featured items, please join me on my business page using the link on the side of this blog.
So what's new in your world? I'd love to know

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Fine Art of Surviving Valentine's Day

This is not my first Valentine's Day alone, so I have developed my own way of acknowledging the day, which involves a delicate balance of wallowing, laughing, and avoiding. All three elements of this plan are essential, but its best not to do too much of any one of them.

Ahead of time, I think its best to decide a treat for myself.... this year, a box of chocolates, as you can see above I have chosen 8th Sin, these have whole macadamia nuts in a soft, creamy blend of white, milk, and dark chocolate and are appealing in appearance. This is like my reward to myself for not turning into a bitter man hating cynic and at the same time help cheer me up if I get a bit sad about my life situation.

I also choose to read a book, or watch some movies, its a creative way to think about my life and get my feelings out. This year I have chosen to reread an all time favourite of mine, The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger... because it is a love story, but its tragic, so I don't have to experience someone else's happy ending, and its also such a fantastic, original, story that I don't focus on myself too much (remember: delicate balance!).
I usually decide on these things ahead of time, this way I can avoid going to the shops and its not a day I usually feel like being with other people on... but I broke my unwritten rule today and went to the shops (I had to get the chocolate!). Unfortunately there was an... how should I put this.... unpleasant? moment which has clouded my day, though my family finds it hilarious.
Sitting on a mall bench (unfortunately it afforded me views of both the florist and the bakery, very bad choice of locations) a woman began to talk to me. By freak chance, my Dad comes along and leans all over my shopping trolley, so the woman says 'is this your husband?' MASSIVE FREAK OUT I'm insulted, horrified, also worrying how old do I look today? since Dad is nearly 80 years old. I said 'no this is my dad', and get this, she has the nerve to say 'are you sure he's not your husband'!!!! I'M QUITE CERTAIN, THANK YOU.
Dad thinks its hilarious because he can guess exactly what my reaction is, I'm sure he saw the look on my face which she seemed to miss. I am not ready to be married to someone with prolific amounts of nasal and ear hair, with a stooped back, leathery face, and badly disguised baldness.
I'm usually mistaken for being 10 years younger.... its my baby skin. I know, I know, old dudes score hot chicks all the time now.... but my father could never, ever, score another woman in the rest of his life, if mum goes, that's it for him!
So I'm freaking out! Its totally distracting me from my habit of laughing at relationships past. I'm checking my head for grey hairs, looking closely at my face, thinking what happened to my 'lovely' time tested method of spending V-Day?
I will never leave the house on VDay again!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Side Effects of Suppressing Truth

This Tuesday, I am going to meet my surgeon, which is bringing back memories of the last time I met a surgeon prior to surgery. What does this have to do with suprressing truth? Well, I happen to be a person with a penchant for brutal honesty, but as a person who is also reasonably sensitive, I am forced to walk around suprressing truths all day. In other words, I am holding in the things I'd love to say, my gut reactions, all the time. The effects of doing this, is that things build up inside until they burst out in a sudden wave, which is exactly what happened the last time I was preparing for surgery. It went something like this....

Pressure was building up inside thanks to me 'holding in' my true thoughts for a few weeks, things such as:

Those gargoyles look ridiculous with your modern Australian architecture

Have you thought of having that wart removed?

Is that hair colour intentional?

How can you stand to walk barefoot in the mall, don't your feet feel dirty and germy all the time?

I love dogs, I'm not sure however that your pet is one, have you had a DNA test, it might be a large rat.

No you don't smell bad, you're fresh as a daisy

So, you get the picture. After a few weeks of this, I usually end up blurting something out before I even know I've thought it. So when the last surgeon asked me if I had any questions about my surgery.... I asked "Have you ever killed anyone?" we both sat there in stunned silence, though I realised later he didn't exactly answer the question. He didn't say 'no, never, don't worry about that, I'm the best!'. Silence is not always golden, and this would have been a great time for white lie if necessary.

I'm pretty sure when my new surgeon asks me if I have any questions I'm going to begin to howl with laughter, since that is what happens every time I remember this last occasion. I'm then going to have to explain why I'm laughing...

Monday, January 31, 2011

What is Your Weather Personality?

One day, late last year, I was sitting at my beading table, and looked out the window, I noticed a sunshower had just begun to fall ever so lightly. I was very happy, because I love rain, especially sunshowers which make me a bit giddy and girlish to be honest. Instead of running out into it, as I often do, I reached for my bead tins... I knew I had some gorgeous new fire polished jonquil beads, and that I also had the very beads to team with them to create a pair of earrings that I would call Sunshowers. As I created the cascade of golden beads, I worked carefully to make sure the earrings would truly portray the joy and natural wonder of a sunshower. Then I began to think about what a sun shower symbolically represents... next thing, I knew I had to create an entire range of weather inspired jewelry with a personality profile for each weather type. My new range of jewelry was born that very afternoon and has been launched in my etsy store today!

You can come and browse the new creations, explore your weather personality, and maybe pick up a piece of jewelry to make a statement about yourself. Are you a sunshower? a rainbow? winter rain? summer sunshine? Perhaps you are more like a perfect spring day, a summer storm, fog, or even snow? These can also make fun gifts for people you know who match the descriptions to a tee, and each piece of jewelry comes with the weather personality profile printed out.

Sun Shower earrings

Rainbow Earrings

Winter Rain
All the weather personality profiles are in my new store section, which you can browse and have some fun with http://www.etsy.com/shop/Starzyia?section_id=7756024
I'd love to know what your weather personality is when you're done, you can comment here or on my facebook fanpage to tell me, and why not have a guess at my weather personality, just for kicks!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Newest Creations...

Talkin' Turquoise earrings.
This is the first time I've created with my turquoise beads, these combine both colour therapy and crystal healing. I love that this stone is also known as the 'friendship' stone. This radiates platonic and unconditional love, is an ancient symbol of prosperity, and was revered for its protective qualities. In colour therapy this colour is very balancing for the self esteem, helps express matters of the heart, and also helps envelope you in that unconditional love.
In my etsy store now.

Violets Are Blue, Necklace.
I made one of these for myself two or three years ago and people have asked for similar, so here it is, first in best dressed! This has a medley of blue, violet, purple, and silver grey beads.
In my etsy store now.
Unamed as yet, I'm thinking possibly California Zen for the necklace title.
Gorgeous beaded metal filigree button and dazzling leaf on a plated silver snake chain.
Will be available soon.

Miss Delicate Elegant earrings.
I love the dark note to these swarovski baroque drops and the vintage feel of the copper flower pieces.
In my madeit store now www.madeit.com.au/Starzyia

Sayonara Gypsy earrings.
Gorgeous mini chandelier earrings with tiny little green beads that glow lovely in the light, and a cloisonne bead in the middle.
Will be available in my etsy store, very soon.
And how are your creative efforts going? making anything interesting? made anything using my vintage postage stamps or yarn? I'd love to share your interesting work, so tell me about it!