Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Under My Umbrella, Images of Peace

This is my newest altered art necklace, entitled Under My Umbrella. It features a classic UK Christmas postage stamp, a symbol of love and peace, with the two doves taking shelter beneath an umbrella of a map of the world. You might also note that there is a black dove and a white dove, in loving harmony.

As a long time peace advocate and activist, I have decided to open a new etsy Treasury to celebrate and promote images of peace, which I will call No Pipe Dream: Images of Peace. I will post a link here and on my faceboook fan page when I have compiled the first line up. I intend to keep this treasury as a perpetual gallery, so there is time for you to still take a photograph or create a piece of art suitable for display in the treasury.

May you create peace in your self, in your community, and in this cosmos, with love, Starry.

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Starry said...

the perpetual Images of Peace Gallery can be found here