Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Second Look at April... Memorable Moments

The start of April saw me in Adelaide, where my mother and I were working on closing up my late Aunt's house. This was very difficult, of course, but I can now laugh at my astonishment when cleaning my Aunt's gas stove, grill, and oven. I began with wiping the grill, and removed the tray, only to find.... a pile of straw mulch, sand and pebbles inside the grill chamber! I was absolutely stupified, and in a daze kept repeating the questions 'how?' and 'why?' over and over in a small whimper. The act of cleaning the grill lead to me knocking the rubbish into the oven chamber, which then had to be cleaned, and then the rubbish spilled onto the floor... one job leading to another, as I wondered, how on earth aunty had gotten this garden waste in her grill? She used to get meals on wheels and never used the stove except one hot plate to boil the kettle, the rest of the time she used a toaster oven to reheat her meals. A mystery indeed, but definitely something to laugh about now that the job of cleaning is long over.

Of course we had booked our flight home to Perth for April 5th, and so it was soon time for us to say goodbye for the last time to the home where my grandmother and aunt had lived for 36 years. Very hard. I admit I had tears in my eyes leaving the house, and again as the plane taxied onto the runway, saying out loud "goodbye Adelaide, goodbye house, goodbye Aunty". I think I would have been a complete emotional goner at that point if it weren't for the small child who shouted 'faster, faster' during approach for take off, and then 'weee-heee' as we lifted into the air. Bless the little darling for making me laugh.

Not so happy about the last thirty minutes of the flight... rough turbulence on descent, and as the air stewardesses were walking past my seat and the plane lurched roughly from side to side, one said 'Oh my God!'. NOT what passengers want to hear coming from the staff!

By early evening we were home, and found that the leaves were changing as the first signs of autumn came over a city that had been ravaged by a long, hot summer. We arrived home to the news that two of Perth's water supply dams were empty and the third at 24% of its capacity! Please pray for rain for us.

A big thank you to Pack And Send who couriered our family treasures home from Adelaide, they were a complete delight, so friendly and helpful unlike the first two companies we rang. We spent a lovely afternoon unpacking the family china and tea sets, but admit the rest of the things are still in the front lounge...

I spent the day before ANZAC Day researching both my grandfather's military records on behalf of my parents. But wasn't happy when my mother served Bonox for lunch (if you don't know what bonox is, imagine meat coffee and you won't be that far off)... I sat under the back patio and ate Maltesers out of my purse.

Finally, I decided that for my lovely cat Roman's 18th Birthday today, I would hold a Mayday sale for both of my stores (etsy and madeit) you can save 20% until 11pm 2nd May (Perth time).


Chez said...

Starry, the first thing I noticed on your page was the autumn leaf which made me smile. We bought two more Chinese Tallow trees in tube stock yesterday in anticipation of enjoying the beautiful autumn leaves in the future.
You are definitely right about not wanting to hear such an exclamation from the steward/s on the flight. Thankfully, you arrived home safely. We have been watching the temperatures in the West and cannot believe the high temperatures and lack of rain. Praying for rain my lovely friend.
My heartfelt sympathy to you dearest friend as you mourn the loss of your much loved aunty. When you are ready, I look forward to the opportunity to see pics of your family 'treasures.'
Love and friendship, as always xo

Anonymous said...

Hi Starry,
So sorry to hear about your Aunt, it is always hard when we have to go into the homes of the ones we loved who have passed on.

Sounds like an awful plane ride home, but at least you made it OK.

Starry said...

Hi Chez, the 'treasures' ahh! haven't used the tea sets for tea yet, but they are appearing in my jewelry photo shoots! I promise to drink tea with them soon.
We are having cooler days and nights now thank goodness, but still need that rain. I got my 'winter' quilt out this week (in summer i have a smaller lighter one that mostly stays folded up in the corner) this one stays on, and I snuggle under it when reading in bed!
Our biggest, and oldest tallow tree is blighted by scale at the moment, it has been sprayed for it three times in a fortnight. We really do not want to lose this one, it shades the back patio in summer.
I gotta go watch Master Chef and eat chocolate now, lol.
Love and Prayers your way xoxox

Starry said...

Hi Mags, I was so nearly sick in that plane! I would have been the only one though, so pride made me cling to the armrests in determination.