Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bright Colours, the Mystery is Solved

When I returned from Adelaide, the first thing I did (business wise) after re-opening my two stores was start ordering some new supplies. I found myself attracted to some very bold and bright colours, which was unusual for me, and so I went on my facebook business page and promised my fans 'more colour'. But I wasn't sure why I was working with bright yellow for the first time in my life.

The supplies started to trickle in and this week in particular I began to create and list my 'more colour' designs.

Then last night, I suddenly realized what was behind it all.... I was choosing colours that my late Aunty can see and enjoy, with her vision impairment the pale colours all blend in and she can't distinguish one from another. So I guess I am making things that might bring her seal of approval.

Although I did list this last pair of earrings today, more my original style, in my madeit store. They are called Midnight Sun, because the flower design is helianthus, the wild sunflower native to America.

So far the bright colour trend seems to be something my fans are welcoming, so thank you for supporting me. I will keep working the 'more colour' angle, as well as producing some of the classic, elegant and vintage inspired pieces from before.


Karen said...

Starry just beautiful,sure your aunty is loving the pink

Mags118 said...

Hi Starry,
I love the yellow that is just gorgeous, and the pink dragonfly really looks nice.

Starry said...

thank you both, I think Aunty would love the pink the most, but I felt amazing making that yellow, it is such a healing and uplifting colour.