Friday, May 14, 2010

Breathing New Life - Look How I Converted My Prom Jewelry

Obviously I don't need to tell you that is my before shot! The hair, the make up, it all screams style nightmare.... The earrings were gold discs with black tassels hanging off them. What a hoot!
Well I've recently started a craze of converting the junk jewelry I have lying around and these earrings were one of the first in line. Behold, the 'new' earrings....

So my first job was to remove the tassels, they are not going to be used in jewelry but could suit book marks.
I used wire cutters to remove the surgical steel post from the discs, I then had to use a metal file to smooth down the sharp stump on the back of each disc. This was the most time consuming and painful part - hand cramp!
From my treasure box I found the two ivy leaf charms, and from my bead spice rack (spice rack where all the jars and bottles are full of beads!) I selected the four green cloisonne beads.
Then I simply had to assemble the new jewelry, I used eye pins to connect the leaf to the cloisonne bead and made a loop to hang it from the disc. For the top I used an eye pin to connect the disc to the cloisonne bead, finished off with a loop, and put a small jump ring and french ear wire to complete.

But my favourite converted jewelry is a pair of my dad's vintage cufflinks that I cut and filed the cufflink attachment off to make cabochons which I set into a bracelet settings, I get one, and the other is available in my etsy store

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sweet Tweet Suncatcher

My heart was singing a song of joy when I created this suncatcher, the elements and symbols combine to promote joyful communication and contentment. From bird - who sings her messages - to amethyst for positive communication and upliftment, to crystal which captures and spreads energy in the form of light from the sun.....

The bird and flower charm is 10cm long, and is a brass that is lovely and bright like the top picture. The crystal is very effective, cut in an octagon shape, I have had it in my personal collection for a long time. The chip beads are genuine amethyst.
My only problem is getting this creation to fit into a tiny etsy lead pic...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pearls of Wisdom, Baroque Drop Earrings

Fresh add to my store, Pearls of Wisdom, created to promote wisdom, happiness, female health and fertility in accordance with traditional lore. Pearls are also the birthstone for June and the traditional gift for 30th wedding anniversaries.

My Mother's Day shipping deadlines have passed, but you can still get free shipping for all completed jewelry until May 10th.
I spent a lovely afternoon researching whether the scroll designs on the focal beads are baroque or renaissance.... it is extremely close call, I am going with baroque in the title, and renaissance is tucked in the description.... sometimes a scroll is a scroll!