Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's New at Starry Girl by Starzyia

I've been busy making more altered art necklaces, the one featured above, Butterfly Symphony, will be added to my etsy store very soon. The Purple Delight necklace below, is currently in my etsy store and features a vintage Hungarian (Magyar Posta) stamp from my grandmother's collection.

Soon to come to my etsy store... Tea Leaf Readings, yes! Email or convo me the image of your tea leaves and I will give you a divination of their symbolic meaning. The readings are great fun, and will cost $5

I am also considering offering tarot card readings through the store, or privately via paypal, I am very experienced, and my readings focus on inspiring and encouraging you on your journey, a guide to coping with what you are experiencing in life.

The earrings below are a recent addition to my madeit store and were inspired by vintage Madonna, the Like A Prayer album where she wheres all the different coloured gemstone fashion jewelry at once.

I have also begun a new tweet segment, every morning via twitter, I choose a symbol for the day and a link to an item featuring it by another etsy seller. So far the daily symbols have been: pyramid, heart, apple, owl. If you'd like to see my daily symbol please follow me on twitter or use the button on the side of my blog.
Twice a week on my facebook fan page I will feature my own handmade Pick of the Day with a 24 hour discount code to save 15%, these picks will be posted on Tuesdays and Fridays in the afternoon. If you'd like to see my featured items, please join me on my business page using the link on the side of this blog.
So what's new in your world? I'd love to know

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Fine Art of Surviving Valentine's Day

This is not my first Valentine's Day alone, so I have developed my own way of acknowledging the day, which involves a delicate balance of wallowing, laughing, and avoiding. All three elements of this plan are essential, but its best not to do too much of any one of them.

Ahead of time, I think its best to decide a treat for myself.... this year, a box of chocolates, as you can see above I have chosen 8th Sin, these have whole macadamia nuts in a soft, creamy blend of white, milk, and dark chocolate and are appealing in appearance. This is like my reward to myself for not turning into a bitter man hating cynic and at the same time help cheer me up if I get a bit sad about my life situation.

I also choose to read a book, or watch some movies, its a creative way to think about my life and get my feelings out. This year I have chosen to reread an all time favourite of mine, The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger... because it is a love story, but its tragic, so I don't have to experience someone else's happy ending, and its also such a fantastic, original, story that I don't focus on myself too much (remember: delicate balance!).
I usually decide on these things ahead of time, this way I can avoid going to the shops and its not a day I usually feel like being with other people on... but I broke my unwritten rule today and went to the shops (I had to get the chocolate!). Unfortunately there was an... how should I put this.... unpleasant? moment which has clouded my day, though my family finds it hilarious.
Sitting on a mall bench (unfortunately it afforded me views of both the florist and the bakery, very bad choice of locations) a woman began to talk to me. By freak chance, my Dad comes along and leans all over my shopping trolley, so the woman says 'is this your husband?' MASSIVE FREAK OUT I'm insulted, horrified, also worrying how old do I look today? since Dad is nearly 80 years old. I said 'no this is my dad', and get this, she has the nerve to say 'are you sure he's not your husband'!!!! I'M QUITE CERTAIN, THANK YOU.
Dad thinks its hilarious because he can guess exactly what my reaction is, I'm sure he saw the look on my face which she seemed to miss. I am not ready to be married to someone with prolific amounts of nasal and ear hair, with a stooped back, leathery face, and badly disguised baldness.
I'm usually mistaken for being 10 years younger.... its my baby skin. I know, I know, old dudes score hot chicks all the time now.... but my father could never, ever, score another woman in the rest of his life, if mum goes, that's it for him!
So I'm freaking out! Its totally distracting me from my habit of laughing at relationships past. I'm checking my head for grey hairs, looking closely at my face, thinking what happened to my 'lovely' time tested method of spending V-Day?
I will never leave the house on VDay again!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Side Effects of Suppressing Truth

This Tuesday, I am going to meet my surgeon, which is bringing back memories of the last time I met a surgeon prior to surgery. What does this have to do with suprressing truth? Well, I happen to be a person with a penchant for brutal honesty, but as a person who is also reasonably sensitive, I am forced to walk around suprressing truths all day. In other words, I am holding in the things I'd love to say, my gut reactions, all the time. The effects of doing this, is that things build up inside until they burst out in a sudden wave, which is exactly what happened the last time I was preparing for surgery. It went something like this....

Pressure was building up inside thanks to me 'holding in' my true thoughts for a few weeks, things such as:

Those gargoyles look ridiculous with your modern Australian architecture

Have you thought of having that wart removed?

Is that hair colour intentional?

How can you stand to walk barefoot in the mall, don't your feet feel dirty and germy all the time?

I love dogs, I'm not sure however that your pet is one, have you had a DNA test, it might be a large rat.

No you don't smell bad, you're fresh as a daisy

So, you get the picture. After a few weeks of this, I usually end up blurting something out before I even know I've thought it. So when the last surgeon asked me if I had any questions about my surgery.... I asked "Have you ever killed anyone?" we both sat there in stunned silence, though I realised later he didn't exactly answer the question. He didn't say 'no, never, don't worry about that, I'm the best!'. Silence is not always golden, and this would have been a great time for white lie if necessary.

I'm pretty sure when my new surgeon asks me if I have any questions I'm going to begin to howl with laughter, since that is what happens every time I remember this last occasion. I'm then going to have to explain why I'm laughing...