Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Side Effects of Suppressing Truth

This Tuesday, I am going to meet my surgeon, which is bringing back memories of the last time I met a surgeon prior to surgery. What does this have to do with suprressing truth? Well, I happen to be a person with a penchant for brutal honesty, but as a person who is also reasonably sensitive, I am forced to walk around suprressing truths all day. In other words, I am holding in the things I'd love to say, my gut reactions, all the time. The effects of doing this, is that things build up inside until they burst out in a sudden wave, which is exactly what happened the last time I was preparing for surgery. It went something like this....

Pressure was building up inside thanks to me 'holding in' my true thoughts for a few weeks, things such as:

Those gargoyles look ridiculous with your modern Australian architecture

Have you thought of having that wart removed?

Is that hair colour intentional?

How can you stand to walk barefoot in the mall, don't your feet feel dirty and germy all the time?

I love dogs, I'm not sure however that your pet is one, have you had a DNA test, it might be a large rat.

No you don't smell bad, you're fresh as a daisy

So, you get the picture. After a few weeks of this, I usually end up blurting something out before I even know I've thought it. So when the last surgeon asked me if I had any questions about my surgery.... I asked "Have you ever killed anyone?" we both sat there in stunned silence, though I realised later he didn't exactly answer the question. He didn't say 'no, never, don't worry about that, I'm the best!'. Silence is not always golden, and this would have been a great time for white lie if necessary.

I'm pretty sure when my new surgeon asks me if I have any questions I'm going to begin to howl with laughter, since that is what happens every time I remember this last occasion. I'm then going to have to explain why I'm laughing...


Mags118 said...

Hi Starry,
OMG, I could just imagine the look on the surgeons face when you asked that question, that is hilarious. I'm sure you were the talk around the dinning room table that night. LOL.

Starry said...

I probably was... I'm pretty sure I'm often the source of dining room conversations!