Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's New at Starry Girl by Starzyia

I've been busy making more altered art necklaces, the one featured above, Butterfly Symphony, will be added to my etsy store very soon. The Purple Delight necklace below, is currently in my etsy store and features a vintage Hungarian (Magyar Posta) stamp from my grandmother's collection.

Soon to come to my etsy store... Tea Leaf Readings, yes! Email or convo me the image of your tea leaves and I will give you a divination of their symbolic meaning. The readings are great fun, and will cost $5

I am also considering offering tarot card readings through the store, or privately via paypal, I am very experienced, and my readings focus on inspiring and encouraging you on your journey, a guide to coping with what you are experiencing in life.

The earrings below are a recent addition to my madeit store and were inspired by vintage Madonna, the Like A Prayer album where she wheres all the different coloured gemstone fashion jewelry at once.

I have also begun a new tweet segment, every morning via twitter, I choose a symbol for the day and a link to an item featuring it by another etsy seller. So far the daily symbols have been: pyramid, heart, apple, owl. If you'd like to see my daily symbol please follow me on twitter or use the button on the side of my blog.
Twice a week on my facebook fan page I will feature my own handmade Pick of the Day with a 24 hour discount code to save 15%, these picks will be posted on Tuesdays and Fridays in the afternoon. If you'd like to see my featured items, please join me on my business page using the link on the side of this blog.
So what's new in your world? I'd love to know


Chez said...

Love the Butterfly Symphony Starry; can see I will have to update my technology skills to keep up with you. You are amazing!
Love you my friend xo

Starry said...

awwwhhhh, to think, when we started at bigblog you were ahead of me tech wise! I was only a week old to the internet, I jumped in the deep end of the pool right away.
You will always be able to keep up with me simply by talking, xoxox Starry

Jace said...

Lovely pendants, Starry. :) Always love seeing your creations. :)

Miss Val's Creations said...

Great new pieces! I love the mixed media items! ~Val

Mags118 said...
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Mags118 said...

Hi Starry,
I deleted my own comment, I am getting old. LOL.

My comment.

Love the necklace, absolutely stunning, and would easily go with any outfit.

I see we have someone else here that used to be at Bigblog. It's very quiet over there now, even the ads have disappeared from the top of the blogs.

Starry said...

thank you everyone for your kind words.

MAGS, poor bigblog... ever since I've known it, its been going down the gurgler. I can only hope I eventually track down all my good buddies from my original blog so they know I still love them. Chez is my very first blog friend, the first person to read and comment on my bigblog, if you ever have time to visit her Indigo Dreaming blog (here on blogger) I think you will fall in love with her and the incredible journey she is on.