Sunday, January 24, 2010

Flapper Girl Heaven

I have just secured my very first opportunity to create an Etsy Treasury list, and have created a themed list called Flapper Girl Heaven. Its no secret I am totally infatuated with the flapper, and the Japanese version 'the new women'.

Come and see flapper and jazz age hats, dresses, pins, jewelry, art, boas, and more!


I really hope my first list is a successful one, for me and for my lovely featured sellers, and I hope it will be the first of many enjoyable etsy treasuries.

Friday, January 22, 2010

My Quest to Identify this Goddess Charm

Quite a few years ago, I bought a crystal suncatcher, and hanging off the very bottom of the creation was this goddess (almost 100% sure it is goddess not god - boobs!) which I removed and put aside.

I recently threaded it onto a bag or phone charm clip, and would like to sell it, but have had a terrible time trying to identify her. Most Hindu and Indian goddesses have more then one set of arms... though they are sometimes depicted with just two arms. Although I am familiar with the numerous goddesses and avatars, it seems there is no way to be certain who is depicted in this charm unless I created her myself! I have also considered that she may be influenced by Thai, or other far eastern cultures.

I thought she may be a depiction of Lakshmi with two arms, or perhaps Krishna, but I am not satisfied to guess.

If she can be identified I can include a lot of information about her otherwise.... all is up in the air.

Does anyone have any ideas about my mystery goddess?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lovely Surprise from Jace Makes!

Early this morning.... I got a beautiful surprise.... a parcel!

from my wonderful blog and etsy friend Jace, and inside was this beautiful handmade book mark, just like the gorgeous ones she creates for her esty store.
Mine has gorgeous butterflies and flowers on the stem, and a stunning array of beads leading to the crochet flower, I couldn't be more delighted!
I would love for you to visit Jace's blog here or at etsy
Thank you so much Jace, I will use this book mark with love.
By the way the book I photographed here is a lovely book I got back in 1994, the Yearbook of Love and Wisdom, it has a quote, poem, or reading for every day of the year and gorgeous artwork. This one was compiled by Celia Haddon, but there are several of this type of book around.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Traditional and Symbolic Gifts for Brides

Its no secret, my favourite gifts are symbolic gifts because they are more meaningful and unique, and my favourite occasion for symbolic gifts is the wedding. There may be many things a couple starting out in their married life may need to help furnish their home, but for me the most important gifts are those that may help them focus on their relationship and begin married life on a firm foundation. Here are some of my very favourite symbolic gifts for brides...

Bamboo this plant is believed in Chinese culture to represent perfect virtue, especially in gentlemen, a good token to keep a man faithful in marriage.

Ivy this plant is associated with fidelity.

Peonies represent happy marriage, so a bouquet of peonies would be a great engagement or bridal shower gift, and should also be considered for the bridal bouquet and other wedding flowers.

Lavender this herb is linked with love and fidelity and keeping dried lavender sprigs in the mattress is supposed to keep partners faithful.

Pommegranates are a symbol of abundance, fertility, and marriage, and have a strong feminine energy.

Honey traditionally a pot of honey is given to a new bride to sweeten her home life and bring good luck.

Lanterns outdoor lighting in the traditional carriage lamp or lantern design is linked with faith and fidelity as well as making a warm welcome for guests and members of the household arriving at night. Lanterns will keep the couple returning home to each other each night.

Of course the greatest gift and token of all is the wedding band given to the bride by her new husband, the ring is symbolic of eternal life, and the stones in an engagement or eternity ring will add their own symbolic meaning.
Pearls are symbolic of fertility, and wisdom.
Rubies are symbolic of the sun, and as a ring to bring mental clarity (a better gift for a student than a bride if you ask me), as a birth stone ruby is supposed to bring contentment.
Garnet is for constancy
Amethyst is for sincerity, virtue
Diamond is for innocence, some say for eternity
Emerald for love and success
Peridot is for married happiness
Sapphire is for clear thinking
Opal is for hope
Topaz is for fidelity
Turquoise is for prosperity

I hope you have enjoyed this post, I will continue with more symbolic gifts in the future.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year, New Venture! Yay for Artfire!

Well I have some news.... if you have enjoyed any of my posts on symbolic gift ideas.... I now have a store on that sells only symbolic and meaningful gifts.... and each gift's qualities and inspirations are explained to help you find the perfect gift for the special people in your life.

I still operate on etsy, but if this concept is successful I may take it over to my etsy store too.

I will still post free symbolic gift guides here on my blog, but there will constantly be new gifts and meanings featured in the artfire store to tide you over between posts, and it may help you to see how to maximise the potential of your gifts.

My store address is

please come and visit me and tell me if you like the concept of the store.

One feature of artfire that may interest my Australian friends, you can come and purchase in Australian dollars, that's right there is built in currency converter so you can know exactly how much you are spending. The site also sells in US and other currencies as relevant to the individual buyer.

The meaning of the two creations featured here is explained in their store description.
I am still loading stock, and if you need something particular please contact me I love to custom create for people.
I will post a new symbolic gift guide here this week... stay tuned, and have a nice day!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Favourite Projects of 2009

I was taking photographs for a beach themed gift and card set for etsy, and this is one of the shots I came up with. This is one of my favourite photographs I have ever taken and I hope to frame and exhibit it sometime this year when the opportunity arises. I love the colour, the shapes and textures, the glass bubbles, the dried sea foam...

Kashmiri Bracelet, the featured bejeweled beads are my favourite beads I have ever worked with, and I now have only two left.... it will be a sad day when I run out of these stunning handmade beads. This bracelet is still available on etsy.

Paris Butterfly Earrings, these vintage lucite eifel towers are part of the first shipment I ever ordered from my now favourite vintage supplier (no I'm not telling who!). The pewter butterflies and glass beads dress up the lucite pieces. Available on Etsy.

Mother Earth Necklace, this was one of two different coloured necklaces created using ceramic rose pendants. The other one, a blue rose, was created for my mother.

Finally, this one hangs framed in my dressing room, Adore Russian Dolls papercraft/mixed media collage. I had wanted for years to create a piece of art with russian dolls in it, and this year I finally made some paper patterns for the dolls after finding a printed scrapbook sheet at Chandon Craft.
So as I think about all the things I created last year, the difficulties and challenges, the excitement of finding great supplies, inspiration grabbing me at all times of the day and night.... I can't help wondering what this new year will bring.