Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Favourite Projects of 2009

I was taking photographs for a beach themed gift and card set for etsy, and this is one of the shots I came up with. This is one of my favourite photographs I have ever taken and I hope to frame and exhibit it sometime this year when the opportunity arises. I love the colour, the shapes and textures, the glass bubbles, the dried sea foam...

Kashmiri Bracelet, the featured bejeweled beads are my favourite beads I have ever worked with, and I now have only two left.... it will be a sad day when I run out of these stunning handmade beads. This bracelet is still available on etsy.

Paris Butterfly Earrings, these vintage lucite eifel towers are part of the first shipment I ever ordered from my now favourite vintage supplier (no I'm not telling who!). The pewter butterflies and glass beads dress up the lucite pieces. Available on Etsy.

Mother Earth Necklace, this was one of two different coloured necklaces created using ceramic rose pendants. The other one, a blue rose, was created for my mother.

Finally, this one hangs framed in my dressing room, Adore Russian Dolls papercraft/mixed media collage. I had wanted for years to create a piece of art with russian dolls in it, and this year I finally made some paper patterns for the dolls after finding a printed scrapbook sheet at Chandon Craft.
So as I think about all the things I created last year, the difficulties and challenges, the excitement of finding great supplies, inspiration grabbing me at all times of the day and night.... I can't help wondering what this new year will bring.

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jenny said...

Hey Starry your blogs in 2009 were really very nice and I read it for last month. I like to see your whole review of the day. Thanks for it and being connected in 2010 also.
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