Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's New Leaves

I have had some lovely glass leaves in my collection for a while, not sure quite how I would use them, but I got to thinking last night about the New Year and how many of us will be trying to turn a new leaf.

The earrings above have three different sizes of leaf, though spread out flat here, when hanging, the leaves often fit into each other, the trilogy of leaves in this way reminds me of harmony.
The leaves also remind me of my love for nature, my desire to live as 'green' as possible (environment wise), and how the youth and health of my inner child is renewed as often as the trees who lose their leaves, create new shoots, and then flourish again.

This pair is great for symbolising love in our life, how we must remember to renew our self love, to work on the loving relationships we have, and allow our heart to rise again and again.

These two pairs of earrings are both available in my Etsy store, I am hoping someone will love them for all that they represent.
So from my heart to yours, happy New Year, and I hope you find ways of reminding yourself of all that is good and kind that you need to share with yourself and with those around you, and be kind to this Earth.

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jenny said...

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