Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Symbolic Holiday Gifts

Here is a new instalment in my symbolic gift series, themed on Christmas and Hanukah, so its not too late to find something meaningful, from the heart, and economic.

Reindeer represent wealth and good fortune, so a good gift for promoting prosperity. They also are a real heart warmer, I don't know too many people who don't feel affection towards Santa's trusty reindeer. You might find reindeer soft toys, card icons, tree decorations, or ornaments.

Holly prickly old holly is most closely associated with Easter as it reminds us of Christ's crown of thorns, but in European folklore, holly was planted to ward off bad spirits from the home, and in gardens was said to deter lightning strikes. I would give holly to cleanse the home and promote love.

Ivy represents eternal life and therefore resurrection, a fitting decoration for celebrating the birth of Christ. I have also previously mentioned that ivy promotes marital fidelity and harmony.

Mistletoe represents our Heavenly Father's love for us which endures even when we give no love or obedience in return - in this symbolism we are likened to the parasitic mistletoe. As well as for its religious symbolism, mistletoe may be given from parent to child.

Myrrh a precious gift brought to Jesus at the time of His birth, it is very healing so it might represent our ultimate healing and redemption, or could have been given to prepare Jesus for his own trials in life.

Frankincense is the finest incense, the white smoke that is produced while it is burnt represents both our prayers, and the souls of the righteous ascending to heaven. Frankincense is still today burned in church services and rituals. This gift represents Christ's loving sacrifice.

Candy Canes represents the shape of shepherd crooks and has thus been chosen as a christmas symbol because of our Lord, the Good Shepherd. It is said the red stripes represent His sacrifice and the white His virtue.

Acorns okay, they might not have a link to christmas, but in the northern hemisphere they are a great winter treat when toasted and I think they would make a great gift for women, they are a Celtic symbol of life, stregth, fertility, and immorality.

Bells represent joy and freedom, they call us to church, are used to express messages, and it wouldn't be a decent sleigh ride without them! Silver bells would be my first choice for christmas, thanks to the beautiful carol of that name. Gold and bronze bells look more like the bells used in churches and town halls.

Candles are symbolic of light - the light of life, wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, and inspiration. Candles are also central to the celebration of Hanukah, on each night of this Feast of Lights, another candle is lit on the menorah.

Menorah a seven branched candlelabrum, for Chanukah or Hanukah it is an eight branched candlestick to commemorate the reclaimation of the temple after it had been desecrated, there was not enough oil to keep the perpetual flame burning for more than a day, yet it was lit and continued to burn for 8 days until new oil was prepared ready for use, this is regarded as a miracle. I would give a menorah for faith, hope, virtue, liberty, and in association with the symbolism of light and candles.

Angels in religion, represent God, as his messenger bringing hope, guidance, and protection. What better gift than an angel for a christmas tree, or a small glass or crystal angel, even an angel pin seen frequently in card and gift stores.

Don't forget to share the meaning of your gift, and as for finding these symbolic gifts at this time of year they are everywhere. I would buy wreathes made up of the plants featured here, bells, charm bracelets, crystal or glass ornaments, tree decorations, candles, essential oils, frankincense, religious icons.... the possibilities are endless so start seeking these treasures!


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