Thursday, October 28, 2010

Here Comes the Holiday Stock...

True Heart Earrings... find your true holiday heart... forget the 'to do' list, don't stress, just for the momen, remember your childhood enthusiasm for the season.

Lolita Red Belle, already sold in my madeit store, shout out to my very loyal buyer, Kasey, who scooped them up!

Dreamy Snowflake Earrings, gorgeous swarovski crystal with an AB finish, they display dazzling show of colour, and will soon be added to etsy this weekend.

I love red and silver for the holidays, the colour red is linked with prosperity, good fortune, and is a great energy colour for love and celebration.

Celebration Earrings, dazzling iridescent display of colour like confetti or fireworks, great party or holiday earrings.
Why am I releasing my holiday jewelry already? Because I am preparing for a month long Early Bird Special... I want to encourage holiday purchases when I and the post office are less busy, you get the best choice of what you want (considering I only make one of any design!)... so for the month of November I am reducing listing prices by 20% and to make it fair, no offer I make in December will beat this!
My stores are
please visit any time!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Introducing Keona of Noah's Ark Creations

I'd really like to take this time to introduce you to my etsy holiday boot camp buddy, Keona, of Noah's Ark Creations. When I saw a forum post from Keona asking how she could get a buddy, I felt compelled to check out her store and as soon as I did, I knew I had found her, my perfect boot camp buddy. I'm so lucky, I couldn't ask for a better buddy and I believe we will be friends long into the future.

But who is Keona, and what is it that I love about her beautiful creations? Keona is mom to a beautiful boy, Noah, but Keona has also suffered the loss of two children before birth and instead of walling herself off from others, has chosen to bravely share her love and inspiration with other women. I find her to be a warm and positive person who cares for others and who expresses this through friendships with other moms and by creating the most comforting, uplifting and meaningful jewelry.

The top image, is the Remembrance Necklace and Bracelet Set, a beautiful, unique and symbolic handmade offering from her etsy store. Keona has beautifully described the way elephants in the wild surround a mother who has lost her baby and stay with her, supporting her as long as she needs. This set offers you the chance to be surrounded by elephants, with four charms each on the necklace and bracelet.

The image above is "Because of You, I Am Strong", another etsy shop star for Keona. There is a stamped disc reading 'because of you i am strong', a smaller disc with baby footprints, and the necklace is finished for you when you select the birthstone you wish Keona to add to remember your precious baby.

You will also find other inspirational designs, and can custom order a message of your own, and Keona will take great care in creating a special order just for you.

Keona's business, Noah's Ark Creations can be found

and you can become a facebook fan when you visit her blog.

Thank you Keona for enriching my etsy journey.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Its my birthday weekend, and to celebrate I'm sharing a 15% discount with my friends and readers, you can save 15% off the listing prices of all earrings and jewelry in either of my online stores, for 48 Hours (ends Monday 18th Oct at 10.30am)

Just enter the code 'bestwishes' at checkout message to seller, or paypal instructions to merchant, and I will issue a paypal refund for the amount of your discount ASAP.

My store addresses are and

The top image today shows my Grace Abiding earrings, from my madeit store, these feature the natural gemstone autumn jasper, and were recently selected by the website Cuteable!
The second image shows my newest etsy listing, Lead, Kindly Light necklace, entwined chain and ribbon, with large filigree heart, lantern charm, and glass pearls. Homeis where the heart is, and the lantern is symbolic of faith, vigilance, and safe homecoming. The necklace is named after an old hymn and a scanned image of the vintage hymn book page is included with the listing.
I'd really love to share my birthday happiness with you!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My New Business Cards, designed by wingsdove

I just received my new business card design from etsy seller wingsdove aka Mary Walilko these were made to co-ordinate with the banner and avatar she created for me earlier this year.

I love working with Mary, she works quickly and carefully and not only am I always happy with the final creation, but the entire experience is so satisfying. When I approached her for the first time to get my banner and avatar, Mary amazed me with a questionnaire which really got me thinking about my business, in truth it was the first time I seriously thought about who my ideal customer was beyond simply anyone who enjoyed what I created. My mind was expanded by this edifying set of questions, in truth, not only did my shop get a makeover to be more professional, but I myself was made over and the two things combined have made a big difference for me.

Mary also has a blog here and a very active facebook fanpage which you can join via her blog.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Birds, Butterflies, Cats, Christmas and More!

I've been gathering sets of stamps again for my etsy shop, these are scanned images of Hungarian bird stamps which would make beautiful digital art, altered art, and jewelry for those inclined.

The lucky buyers of my stamp sets will have unlimited use of their stamps simply by scanning them before use!
I have Christmas stamps, birds, butterflies, cats, flowers... and can easily gather a set for you on another theme upon request. I am really loving sailing ships at the moment they are great for cards and gifts for men, and have a beautiful timeless feel. I have rainbow after rainbow of British Queen head stamps, in a size small enough for charm bracelet settings or earrings.
If you buy stamps from me and send a picture of your finished project I'd be happy to feature it here in my blog.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Symbolic Gift Guide: Choosing a Charm or Totem

Charms are all the rage again, and while the European style bracelets are all incredibly popular, you can also get your charms made up as necklaces and earrings... the trick is to find the most meaningful charms for your personality. Choosing a charm is like choosing a personal totem. I thought I'd run through the magic of some charms you might choose and what they say about you.

TEAPOTS my top image is pair of teapot earrings from my madeit store, the teapot is the source point for inspiration and wisdom. Through the ages many great ideas have had their origin or their salvation from a quiet moment's retreat from the pressures of the day. The great zen minds have all had their say on the value of serenity and ritual attached to drinking tea.

PARASOLS the parasol is a protective and loving symbol, traditionally the guardian of a woman's beauty and virtue.

CAROUSEL a symbol of the circle of life, this is a youthful, inspirational and uplifting choice of charm, good for healing your inner child.

FERRIS WHEEL another symbol of the circle of life, but the view from the top of the wheel reminds us of the value of perspective and wisdom gained from our life journey. A good choice for someone who has a positive attitude to ageing and values the life they have lived.

ROLLER SKATES are a fun and happy charm, linked to children a good charm for the young, but perhaps also a loving grandparent who wishes to remember and appreciate their own childhood.

ICE SKATES are more elegant and graceful than the roller skate and suits a classically beautiful woman. The ice skates gives us the ability to glide across frozen water, suggesting our triumph over the trials and obstacles of life.

BICYLES represent independence, joy, innoncence, and health.

SCISSORS are a great charm for women, people who sew or craft, and the charm represents diligence, industry, and are sharp denoting mental clarity. Good for the memory and those who don't like to be idle.

KEYS represent safety and opprtunity - perhaps the key to a new idea. Keys are also traditional for coming of age gifts at the 21st birthday.

LANTERNS represent faith, vigilance, and inspiration. The sight of a lit lantern upon a late night homecoming is most welcoming, probably the reason why lanterns evoke a subconscious feeling of wellbeing.

HUMMINGBIRDS (pictured above stock from my etsy store) mean hope and joy and help restore the energy you may have left behind in your youth, I'd choose this charm to feel happier, stronger, and more healed.

SWANS are symbolic of purity, innocence, and are considered very lucky.

BLUEBIRDS are for happiness, contentment, and valuing the small treasures in your life (observing the daily causes for gratitude) therefore not missing the bigger picture in life.

WOODPECKER is linked to psychic ability and enhances communication, a great charm for helping you bring out your hidden talents.

PELICANS a hopeful and triumphant choice after all its a peli-CAN not a peli-CAN'T! Very cheery and clever birds, a good totem for a survivor.

OWLS are symbolic of wisdom and mysticism. Night creatures are a great choice of charm because they can guard us while we sleep.

DEER and REINDEER are both a symbol of prosperity. The deer is linked to eternal youth probably because of their amazing athleticism and joyful leaping. Lighten your heart and show affection with this choice of charm.

CAMELS the ship of the desert, this animal proves the saying 'where there's a will there's a way'.

FOX this creature has keen senses, and an ingenious ability to escape trouble. In Japan the fox denotes longevity and protection.

LIONS denote personal honour and nobility, a heroic choice of charm and is also linked to royalty.

SNAKES this is the wisest animal in Chinese astrology. The iconic image of a snake eating itself is symbolic of eternal life. Choosing a snake makes a distinctive statement and will add power to a collection of charms that embraces a lot of the softer, more adorable animals and birds.

LIGHTHOUSE the image above is stock from my madeit store. The lighthouse is a great charm for protection, safe journey, inspiration, and homecoming.

There are many more (possibly unlimited) charms I could have mentioned here, if you are interested you might check my blog archive for other symbolic gift posts, and watch out for my future posts.

I have many more pieces of jewelry featuring a wide range of charms and symbolic meanings in both my stores and

I collect charms from new and vintage sources around the world to continue to provide meaningful and unique creations and have many stored waiting to become a beautiful creation. It is possible for me to create a meaningful item for you for any occasion.