Thursday, October 28, 2010

Here Comes the Holiday Stock...

True Heart Earrings... find your true holiday heart... forget the 'to do' list, don't stress, just for the momen, remember your childhood enthusiasm for the season.

Lolita Red Belle, already sold in my madeit store, shout out to my very loyal buyer, Kasey, who scooped them up!

Dreamy Snowflake Earrings, gorgeous swarovski crystal with an AB finish, they display dazzling show of colour, and will soon be added to etsy this weekend.

I love red and silver for the holidays, the colour red is linked with prosperity, good fortune, and is a great energy colour for love and celebration.

Celebration Earrings, dazzling iridescent display of colour like confetti or fireworks, great party or holiday earrings.
Why am I releasing my holiday jewelry already? Because I am preparing for a month long Early Bird Special... I want to encourage holiday purchases when I and the post office are less busy, you get the best choice of what you want (considering I only make one of any design!)... so for the month of November I am reducing listing prices by 20% and to make it fair, no offer I make in December will beat this!
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Miss Val's Creations said...

I love those snowflake earrings!!!

Jace said...

What lovely, festive earrings! Wishing you lots of sales!

Starry said...

thanks Val and Jace, hopefully you will both have a wonderful time with your creations during the holidays.

Blowing on a Pinwheel said...

I love the heart earrings! You're making me strongly consider re-piercing my ears. Of course, then I'd be more broke than I am buying all your earrings. Lol

Starry said...

I have had mine pierced three times all for the one hole... I twice let them close up.... never again.
Now that I have my earrings on the pin up board on the inside of my bedroom door I can't leave my room without remembering to put earrings on!