Thursday, October 14, 2010

My New Business Cards, designed by wingsdove

I just received my new business card design from etsy seller wingsdove aka Mary Walilko these were made to co-ordinate with the banner and avatar she created for me earlier this year.

I love working with Mary, she works quickly and carefully and not only am I always happy with the final creation, but the entire experience is so satisfying. When I approached her for the first time to get my banner and avatar, Mary amazed me with a questionnaire which really got me thinking about my business, in truth it was the first time I seriously thought about who my ideal customer was beyond simply anyone who enjoyed what I created. My mind was expanded by this edifying set of questions, in truth, not only did my shop get a makeover to be more professional, but I myself was made over and the two things combined have made a big difference for me.

Mary also has a blog here and a very active facebook fanpage which you can join via her blog.


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Hi Starry,
Love your business card, looks really nice.

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