Friday, January 15, 2010

Traditional and Symbolic Gifts for Brides

Its no secret, my favourite gifts are symbolic gifts because they are more meaningful and unique, and my favourite occasion for symbolic gifts is the wedding. There may be many things a couple starting out in their married life may need to help furnish their home, but for me the most important gifts are those that may help them focus on their relationship and begin married life on a firm foundation. Here are some of my very favourite symbolic gifts for brides...

Bamboo this plant is believed in Chinese culture to represent perfect virtue, especially in gentlemen, a good token to keep a man faithful in marriage.

Ivy this plant is associated with fidelity.

Peonies represent happy marriage, so a bouquet of peonies would be a great engagement or bridal shower gift, and should also be considered for the bridal bouquet and other wedding flowers.

Lavender this herb is linked with love and fidelity and keeping dried lavender sprigs in the mattress is supposed to keep partners faithful.

Pommegranates are a symbol of abundance, fertility, and marriage, and have a strong feminine energy.

Honey traditionally a pot of honey is given to a new bride to sweeten her home life and bring good luck.

Lanterns outdoor lighting in the traditional carriage lamp or lantern design is linked with faith and fidelity as well as making a warm welcome for guests and members of the household arriving at night. Lanterns will keep the couple returning home to each other each night.

Of course the greatest gift and token of all is the wedding band given to the bride by her new husband, the ring is symbolic of eternal life, and the stones in an engagement or eternity ring will add their own symbolic meaning.
Pearls are symbolic of fertility, and wisdom.
Rubies are symbolic of the sun, and as a ring to bring mental clarity (a better gift for a student than a bride if you ask me), as a birth stone ruby is supposed to bring contentment.
Garnet is for constancy
Amethyst is for sincerity, virtue
Diamond is for innocence, some say for eternity
Emerald for love and success
Peridot is for married happiness
Sapphire is for clear thinking
Opal is for hope
Topaz is for fidelity
Turquoise is for prosperity

I hope you have enjoyed this post, I will continue with more symbolic gifts in the future.


Starry said...

my Etsy store now carries exclusively giftware that has a meaning and purpose!


I loved this post. I too am a traditional and symbolic gift giving kind of person...and love the symbols of things. Thank you for sharing this.