Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lovely Surprise from Jace Makes!

Early this morning.... I got a beautiful surprise.... a parcel!

from my wonderful blog and etsy friend Jace, and inside was this beautiful handmade book mark, just like the gorgeous ones she creates for her esty store.
Mine has gorgeous butterflies and flowers on the stem, and a stunning array of beads leading to the crochet flower, I couldn't be more delighted!
I would love for you to visit Jace's blog here or at etsy
Thank you so much Jace, I will use this book mark with love.
By the way the book I photographed here is a lovely book I got back in 1994, the Yearbook of Love and Wisdom, it has a quote, poem, or reading for every day of the year and gorgeous artwork. This one was compiled by Celia Haddon, but there are several of this type of book around.

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Jace said...

Hi Starry,

I'm so glad that the package reached you safely. :) You're most welcome and I'm very pleased that you like it so much. Enjoy! Lovely book, BTW ... I'll check it out.