Friday, January 22, 2010

My Quest to Identify this Goddess Charm

Quite a few years ago, I bought a crystal suncatcher, and hanging off the very bottom of the creation was this goddess (almost 100% sure it is goddess not god - boobs!) which I removed and put aside.

I recently threaded it onto a bag or phone charm clip, and would like to sell it, but have had a terrible time trying to identify her. Most Hindu and Indian goddesses have more then one set of arms... though they are sometimes depicted with just two arms. Although I am familiar with the numerous goddesses and avatars, it seems there is no way to be certain who is depicted in this charm unless I created her myself! I have also considered that she may be influenced by Thai, or other far eastern cultures.

I thought she may be a depiction of Lakshmi with two arms, or perhaps Krishna, but I am not satisfied to guess.

If she can be identified I can include a lot of information about her otherwise.... all is up in the air.

Does anyone have any ideas about my mystery goddess?


Starry said...

I have also considered 'she' may be a skinny buddha, but again, the boobs!

Anonymous said...

宇宙萬物中,沒有比人的存在更值得驚訝的!是怎樣的緣份讓我能在分享你的心情~~ ....................................................