Monday, January 31, 2011

What is Your Weather Personality?

One day, late last year, I was sitting at my beading table, and looked out the window, I noticed a sunshower had just begun to fall ever so lightly. I was very happy, because I love rain, especially sunshowers which make me a bit giddy and girlish to be honest. Instead of running out into it, as I often do, I reached for my bead tins... I knew I had some gorgeous new fire polished jonquil beads, and that I also had the very beads to team with them to create a pair of earrings that I would call Sunshowers. As I created the cascade of golden beads, I worked carefully to make sure the earrings would truly portray the joy and natural wonder of a sunshower. Then I began to think about what a sun shower symbolically represents... next thing, I knew I had to create an entire range of weather inspired jewelry with a personality profile for each weather type. My new range of jewelry was born that very afternoon and has been launched in my etsy store today!

You can come and browse the new creations, explore your weather personality, and maybe pick up a piece of jewelry to make a statement about yourself. Are you a sunshower? a rainbow? winter rain? summer sunshine? Perhaps you are more like a perfect spring day, a summer storm, fog, or even snow? These can also make fun gifts for people you know who match the descriptions to a tee, and each piece of jewelry comes with the weather personality profile printed out.

Sun Shower earrings

Rainbow Earrings

Winter Rain
All the weather personality profiles are in my new store section, which you can browse and have some fun with
I'd love to know what your weather personality is when you're done, you can comment here or on my facebook fanpage to tell me, and why not have a guess at my weather personality, just for kicks!


Noahs Ark Creations said...

I absolutely love the rainbow and winter rain earrings! They're all so beautiful

Starry said...

oh thank you, these designs have been such a joy in my heart since I thought of them. I can only hope I will keep thinking up ways to represent the weather.

Jace said...

Oh, these are so pretty, Starry! My favourites are the Shimmering Sun Showers and the Snowflake ones. Keep up the great work!

Mags118 said...

Hi Starry,
Again beautiful work Starry, and nicely set out.