Saturday, January 8, 2011

Open for Business in 2011!

I'm open for business, 2011, yay! I have enjoyed my break, the hardest part was starting vacation, the first two days I was itching to go online and work, but after that I did get used to it so much I postponed my return a whole day. Now I am just as keen to do all that my creating and promoting requires and to plan my year.

What's New for Starry Girl by Starzyia in 2011?

Well I have just scrapped my existing store sections (earrings, jewelry, etc) in favour of sections like 'colour therapy', 'crystal healing', 'symbolic and traditional' etc this is a trial phase, so if you are familiar with my old sections and visit the store now, I'd love to know if you think this makes finding stock easier or more difficult.

The colour therapy section aims to provide a burst of colour energy and look gorgeous for you while being very thrifty.

The crystal healing section is where you will find natural gemstone creations that combine the healing properties with colour therapy too... super combinations for any purpose.

Don't forget that many of my creations will be drawn from multiple disciplines so it is worth looking in multiple sections.

I have just listed the three crystal healing necklaces pictured in this post, and will add through the year. Currently I have chrysocola, jade, new jade/serpentine, citrine quartz, rose quartz, apatite, and autumn jasper healing creations in my etsy store

My facebook birthday club is now up and running, members receive a 15% store discount for my etsy and madeit stores during the month of their birthday. If you haven't signed up but would like to, visit my facebook fan page (use the link on the right of page), click like (if you are not already a liker) and click on discussions.... under the birthday club discussion, post the month of your birthday, and you will be a full member!
I'm hoping all my friends and supporters have a great 2011, best of luck with all your adventures, creations, and goals, xxoxoxx Starry


Anonymous said...

Hi Starry,
A well needed break I'm sure. A new look for a New Year. I love the necklaces, also love the idea of the different colours as well, they look like they would go with any outfit.

Happy New Year Starry, and all the best for 2011.

Chez said...

Wishing you much success with the new concept of colour therapy Starry. January 2011 is just the beginning my friend.
Love the pieces you have displayed here. Love Chez xo

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Happy New Year Starry!! Blessings to you and yours and for your business!!

Starry said...

thanks for visiting my blog, and for your lovely encouragement. I am hoping this year to devote more time to blogging and visiting my friends blogs more often as I always have such fun when I do.

Starry said...

Hi Chez, well I found myself making some earrings last year that had colour only - no charms - and so I wanted to make sure they had a dedicated spot for people to find them and demonstrate that they do fit with my shop identity.... so I will see how the new store sections work over time.

I am beginning to feel confident that we will meet this year.... won't that be nice?

Starry said...

Yay Sherry! happy new year, I can't wait to see all the beautiful decorating and projects you take on this year.