Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Building a Twig Wall....

Another wonderful day in my creative life.... complete with dreams, obstacles, perseverence and ultimately - solutions.

My 'Rule Titania' earrings from my madeit shop were to be transfered into my etsy shop, where I feel they are more accessible to the public. I thought I should do a new photo shoot for them and instantly visualised them sitting inside a birds nest, this is the 'dream' part of my day.

The obstacles were that I did not have a birds nest, and when I very enthusiastically attempted to make one... I discovered that birds are ultimately better at building birds nests than humans even though we have opposable thumbs!

My 'solution' was to build a twig wall, on a bed of leaves and use that for my photo shoot.

These earrings are now available in my etsy store www.starzyia.etsy.com

Since I had twig city set up on my dining room table, I took photographs of some of my new colour therapy earrings, which are to be added to the store during this week.

While building the twig wall, I was thinking about the three little pigs, (the house made of twigs), especially when I had to knock it down and re-erect it. I am happy to say I did manage to completely make the wall of twigs without use of any wire, while attempting to make a nest I used kitchen twist ties to make rings of stick and vine but they wouldn't hold and my twigs kept snapping.
So as you can see I had fun 'playing' (working) today!

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