Friday, January 14, 2011

AusDisasterRelief Shop, Etsians Donate Quality Handmade items to fund Charity

In response to the terrible flooding in Australia, a team of volunteers have launched the AusDisasterRelief shop on etsy. This is a place where the community of etsy sellers are donating quality handmade creations (and the costs to ship them to their buyers) so that funds go to the Queensland Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal.

Our nation is witnessing homes and families being swept away in an unbelievable, and epic disaster, and we need to reach out and help all who are hurting as a result.

On a postive note, this is a remarkable time to buy handmade, and it is a joyous feeling visiting the store and seeing the diversity of items donated for sale, watching as the number of sales steadily rises, and to feel that through our talents and dedications we are united against adversity.

How you can help the store...
You might be an etsy member (or perhaps madeit, artfire, folksy) with quality handmade items to donate, which you can do by contacting the store.
You might shop and buy from the store, in which case you will be making a charitable donation and receive handmade goods with no shipping fees.
And at no cost to yourself, you could share the link to the store on your blog, facebook, twitter, kaboodle, etc, and you can also promote individual items within the store in the same way using the built in share feature on site.
The earrings at the top of the blog post are my first donated item to the store, and are in store now


Chez said...

Starry, I have great admiration for the way fellow Australians are coming together to offer HOPE and support.
This is truly a delightful idea.
Much love my friend xo

Starry said...

Chez, are you having much rain where you are? Hoping you keep out of the wet. We are now on weather watch for Victoria where my brother is... so far, so good. But it seems like ever since he went there all we do is ring up to see if he's survived another storm/flood/fire etc. wonder why he likes it, since all he does is complain about the Victorians?

Have a beautiful, safe, harmonious weekend.

Miss Val's Creations said...

What a wonderful idea! I will be checking out this shop! Your donation is so pretty. ~Val