Friday, April 15, 2011

Love From Beyond... a Haunting moment

Love lives beyond,

the tomb, the earth, the flowers, and dew

I love the fond,

the faithful, young, and the true.

(John Clare)

As both a religious and spiritual person, with ample spiritual experiences, I did wonder what lay ahead of me when I traveled east upon the death of my aunt (see previous posts). From childhood I have experienced visits from my relatives who have 'passed on', however Aunty died suddenly, unexpectedly, and horribly.... how would she appear to me, and how was she coping with her journey? Also, if I had experiences with Aunty, would I tell all to my mother? These were the things that were weighing on my mind, aside from the usual things we all experience in these situations.

When I entered Auntie's house, I knew immediately that she was in Heaven, though not unobservant of our presence and activities in the house. I knew she was not in turmoil, but reaping the fruits of her faith. That helped me so much to focus on the tasks ahead.

But one night, sometime in the middle of the night, I was lying awake in bed. I was on my back, and a lock of my hair was lying on my forehead, dangling over my eye. I was very relaxed, and then the lock of hair was swept across my forehead to the side and my whole forehead was tingling. It was exactly as a parent sweeps the hair of their child as they lie sleeping, and I felt awash with complete love and acceptance by Aunty. It was such a beautiful and special moment, I lay awake afterwards just remembering every sensation, of the tingling, of the movement of the hair, of the emotional cocoon.... and I know that Aunty would have visited my mum the same night, but mum would have slept right through it as she isn't sensitive, still, I was able to tell my mum what happened and that she too would have been looked in on and visited with such love.

Now, more than ever, I will be creating special butterfly pieces, as the butterfly is symbolic of eternal life and love. And if you are familiar with my butterfly pieces, you have probably already heard my favourite quote:
Life is the childhood of our immortality

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Diane Rodgers said...

What a peaceful and beautiful experience you had Starry while laying in bed sleeping! To be awoken by your dear Auntie softly caressing your hair and face ... allowing you to feel her presense! To know she is in Heaven with your Nana and her Lord...a true blessing. You of course will still miss her and have times of sadness just knowing you won't be able to go home again to her.

Thank you for sharing your family and your love with me. The butterflies ...somehow they really do help when seeing one...our Heavenly Visitors!

Love to you sweet friend,


Starry said...

Thanks Diane, its a beautiful thing in life to have friends to share special moments with.

I am hoping your garden will soon be alive with butterflies for you to play with. Until then, you have your little butterflies in the form of jewelry to dwell on.
happy weeekend to you, xoxoxox Starry