Monday, April 18, 2011

Most Beautiful Monday - Daisy Symbolism

Its been a while since I have celebrated Most Beautiful Monday, but I was poking around in the garden looking for a way to exercise my camera, when I found pleasure in a simple daisy bush, also the subject of keen interest from this bee. I love the humble daisy, once called the Day's Eye as this flower turns a blind eye to the darkness of night and hence represents virtue and stoic resistence to corruption. A true token of innocence and virtue, this flower was once planted in remembrance of lost infants. My yellow daisy is the colour of hope and optimism, a great mood and energy booster, and in a small vase in the centre of your table may help boost the appetite of those recovering from illness. Bees are symbolic of selfless toil, and in Christianity they represent chastity as most bees lead a sexless life merely working diligently for the greater good.

Wishing you a happy day!

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