Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I've Been a Busy Little Beader

Wow, its been a bit longer break than I intended, not aided by being unable to upload pictures here recently, but onwards and upwards! I have really enjoyed busily creating new pieces of jewellery this week and having the requisite photo shoots prior to listing them in my online stores. Here's just a very small taste of what I've been up to....

the top image is Mulberry Butterfly Necklace, vintage Papua and New Guinea postage stamp, glazed and set under domed magnifying glass, in a copper setting. This just went into my etsy store yesterday.

The madeit store has been shown some love and attention too, with Persuasion Earrings above, and Sweet Disposition Earrings below both being placed up for sale.

I also just put these Serene Teal Rose Earrings in my madeit store, www.madeit.com.au/Starzyia

The etsy store link is, as always, www.starzyia.etsy.com

BUT, don't go away yet! If you would like to join my Birthday Club, you can leave a comment here on the blog, simply stating the month of your birthday. What do you get? Well a 15% discount not just on the day of your birthday, but during the entire month of your birthday! That way you don't miss out if you're too busy to shop on your special day. Simply code 'Birthday Club' at checkout and your discount will be applied before you pay!


Miss Val's Creations said...

Beautiful pieces. I love the butterfly!!! ~Val

Cheryl said...

I agree with Miss Val Starry. Vintage butterfly is unique. Also love the Persuasion Earings♥
Seeing them going into baskets to go through check outs really quickly. They are just beautiful!

Starry said...

thank you both so much, it took me so many tries to get the pics uploaded! I have had so much trouble posting and leaving comments on other blogs that I started a new blog last night on wordpress. At the very least it might let me sign in to my wordpress id to comment on your blogs!
I will keep this blog up, but my hope is to post on the wordpress,
my address is starzyia.wordpress.com

Mags118 said...

Hi Starry,
You have outdone yourself again, beautiful work.

www.1writingservice.com said...

Oh, that purple earrings are stunning! I really love your style, it is so girlish.