Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Perfume, Parfum

I've wanted to do a special on perfumes so here it is..... a list of favourites with a description to help you select your perfect perfume.

The Best of Budget Friendly Perfumes

Panache One of my old favourites. No heavy fragrance here, just a simple, clean, fresh scent like you have just stepped out of the shower and your skin is soapy. This scent is great in any season.

Esprit "Life" The groovy, uplifting striped bottles are of youthful and fun appearance and have a fragrance to match. This is my favourite in Spring, and suits sporting, and flirty girls.

Elizabeth Arden "Green Tea" Absolutely my favourite refreshing summer perfume that is not too heavy in the heat. Of course, green tea is very hip right now and this perfume suits both the young, sporty girl and the classic, elegant woman.

"Mystique" I'm unsure as to whether this one is still available but I fell in love with its jagged little blue bottle in the mid 90's. It has a myserious, exotic feel to it and suits the dramatic girl, all year round.

"Red Door" This has never been my taste but it is a perenniel favourite in stores and suits a sophisticated woman, I think this fragrance is best in Autumn.

Revlon "Love Her Madly" This is one of the best affordable fragrances and is so feminine, I love it!

If You're Going To Splash Out...

I love Issy Miyake fragrances.

Vera Wang does classic, feminine beauty and suits most seasons.

CK One universally successful, though it reminds me of spiced vodka.

Davidoff "Cool Water Woman" absoulutely fabulous in summer!

Tommy Hilfiger "True Star" a winner all year round.

Caring For Your Fragrance

Perfumes are almost living things - they need to be looked after because they are not static, they are subject to change due to their chemical composition.

Firstly if you you keep your perfume with the lid off, you risk losing some of its intensity as the fragrance difuses in the room. It also changes scent over time due to exposure to the air.

You should keep the bottles out of direct sunlight. I once lost a perfume because I kept it on the top shelf of my wardrobe, it was far too hot in summer and it was sour smelling when I opened it.

Finally, they don't live forever - really beyond two years you can consider yourself lucky if you don't notice a change in the perfume. Don't buy bottles too far ahead of when you expect to be using them (my bottle that was ruined was my replacement ready for when I ran out.... it was stored too long in the wrong conditions).

Smell Beautiful, Feel Divine!


Shazam said...

Hi I loooove small doses!...I used to wear white musk from the body shop but I kinda got sick of was the scent of the 90's! I love Chloe! so retro fabulous.But funnily enough I have gone back to the body shop,now I am bananas for Neroli gorgeous! nice blog everytime I smell tweed I think of my late anyone who wears it probably gets extra warmness from me!

Starry said...

hi Shazam, yeah I used to wear musk, from Australis when I was in highschool. And Neroli is beautiful, I love my ylang ylang and neroli shower gel... don't need perfume after that one!
I'm glad you told me what perfumes you like it is the thing I forgot to ask people to tell me at the end of the post... I love finding things out about peope.

Jace said...

I love perfumes too. :) Used to work in a French cosmetics and perfume company for close to 7 years. My all-time faves have to be Estee Lauder's Beautiful, Nina Ricci's L'air du Temps and Body Shop's Tea Rose. :) EA's Green Tea is lovely too. :)

Starry said...

Oh how could I forget EL's Beautiful? Oh that's right, I was posting in the middle of the night... like 2am, I hope EL will forgive me! What a great job you had, I am sure you enjoyed that one very much.