Monday, March 23, 2009

Nanna's Necklace

After my Nanna died, my mum brought home a few small trinkets for me that have been completely loved and treasured, but left unworn, as I didn't feel that I could live up to Nanna and felt unworthy of wearing them. Over the years things have changed, and I have felt more and more like the person I am supposed to be, and that would make Nanna proud.

So one day I dug out the little pendant on this necklace. It came to me on its own, just a heart shaped filagree pendant with an oval with handpainted rose in the palest and most delicate design. Feeling creative I selected a gold chain from my craft supplies, and then attached the additional coloured beads in two shades of rose, with gold and green seed beads of glass to set the whole thing off.

Having had a rough night, a tough night on my heart and emotions, I have sought comfort in this and other pleasing things and have decided to share my necklace with you. You can easily breathe new life into your own little treasures so they take a form you can carry with you on special days. Sorry my photos aren't up to scratch I have taken so many and they all look terrible, so these are sadly, the best I can do.

And from the Little Words of Sunshine department: "Grace strikes us when we are in great pain and restless... sometimes at that moment a wave of light breaks into our darkness, and it is as though a voice were saying 'you are accepted'..." Paul Johannes Tillich.


mandy said...

Oh Starry it looks devine...I`m sure you have made your nana proud...

Starry said...

Hi Mandy, thanks, I think more and more I do make her at least happy. I was always a Nanna's girl so it is good to feel cosy wrapped up in her love.
Have a beautiful day,

lakebrat said...

Starry....Well your story has brought back memories of my own nana/granny I have a pin that belonged to her and I remember her wearing it many many times. Your story has made me want to drag it out and start wearing it. I've kept it put away ever since she passed away and have yet to wear it. You did a wonderful job on the necklace and I'm sure that your nana would be so proud of you.

Starry said...

Hi Robin, I do hope you will wear your Gran's pin, I have two pins form Nanna too and was so happy in the past two years that younger women are wearing pins so I can too.
There is nothing like a grandmother's love, lets both bask in the love,

bevally said...

Hi Starry,
family keepsakes are so heartwarming, I have my mum's engagement and wedding rings, can't wear them now cause of the arthritis, but I want to put her diamonds and mine into a ring for my daughter, she did this with her mothers engagement ring... so my daughter will be getting 3 generations of diamonds..

Starry said...

Hi Bevally, gee that is a wonderful ring to be composed, it will be such a powerful token of love, and comfort. It is a real shame the arthritis stops you wearing rings though, are you able to wear any of your own? The hands are the worst place to have this painful condition I think as we use them for every occupation except sleep!
I hope you have a great night, xxx Starry