Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Join me Friday, Inner Child Day

Hey its not an official holiday yet, but it will be when I'm finished, if it takes me my whole adult life, I will ensure we cherish our inner child. This Friday 20th March is my first Inner Child Day.
and yes, if you are wondering, that is my childhood pixie photo, I was ever a blondie until I grew up.
Why do I think inner children are so important?
Because our inner youth is what keeps us happy, healthy, and young. We must be kind to ourselves, we must speak nicely to our inner self, be less judgemental. more tolerant, and exercise our instincts for fun and joy. We must play, we must work towards fulfilling our dreams, and we must start today!
What can I do for my inner child?
Be nice. Really, truly, kind to your self, don't yell or criticise your inner self.
Remember. Loving our memories, and remembering our childhood in positive ways help a lot. If you had an unhappy childhood, go back in your mind and find rays of hope, there must have been a day you played, a place you went, a friend you had... that is a seed of happiness in the past. If not, please, do not hesitate to be your own inner child's best friend and go in peace and kindness.
Recommended Inner Child Day Activities
First of all, do you have a sibling or are you still in touch with childhood friends, why not talk to them, or write a card or letter, even better, if you can reach them prior to this Friday you could encourage them to prepare for the day.
I would recommend preparing in advance an amount of time for you to concentrate on celebrating the day, be it ten minutes, twenty, or an hour, even an afternoon if you are lucky.
I plan to play with the My Little Ponies in my closet, chew bubble gum (I haven't in decades), blow bubbles, skip, sing, dance, hoola hoop, play dress ups, experiment with hair and make up, take photos, look at my childhood photos, and thank my friends for keeping me young at heart.
Try doing something you used to love and haven't done since you 'grew up'.
Try doing something you want to do and have never had the chance to try.
and to get you in the spirit here is one of my favourite quotes: Childhood is not from birth to a certain age and at a certain age the child is grown and puts away childish things. Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies. Edna St Vincent Mallay.
Please, please, try to do something for the day, and please tell your loved ones and friends about this movement, and I would love to hear from you on Friday night to learn how you enjoyed the day,
xxx Starry


Starry said...

why are computers so unkind, i have tried formatting this, and changing settings, and still it misbehaves, I want space blogger, I want space!!!
sorry readers.

mandy said...

What a lovely post Starry and a gorgeous baby you were....
As for the formatting it`s always been a difficult one...It just doesn`t allow us to get that spacing we all desire....Either that or we are doing something wrong...

Starry said...

Hi Mandy, I was a little chubby in the face wasn't I? The spacing, yes sometimes it does what I want without me doing anything at all, others....
well perhaps the blogger has a naughty inner child!
xxx Starry

bevally said...

Starry.. I'm with Mandy, that was an insperational post.. luck happens my daughter is coming for the week-end, doesn't happen as much as we'd like, but I can see that it will be a week-end to remember... I'll remember her childhood as well as mine, haven't had a girlie time with her for ages!!

Starry said...

oh that sounds great Bevally, I hope you both laugh 'til you cry, love 'til you sigh, and worship the sweet by and by.