Saturday, March 21, 2009

Missy Etiquette Q & A

Missy Etiquette answers gift and giving related questions as they are sent in via comment, email, or in person, as is the case with this question by a friend of mine.

How can I decline a gift?

The answer is that it depends on the reason why you wish to decline or refuse a gift.

If you consider the girft to be an inappropriate token, or it is inappropriate for the giver to have gifted you anything at all (perhaps an exlover while you are married etc), then you should rely on simple honesty.

"I'm sorry I can't accept this gift" would be a start. If questioned why, you need to follow up with any of the following as appropriate....

"because it is too extravagant and I am concerned for your finances/well being"

"because the gift is offensive to me" (perhaps something that offends your religion or dignity, is racist or immoral....)

"it is inappropriate for you to give me a gift"

"I am not comfortable receiving it".

That should cover the possible reasons you wish to decline a gift. Don't refuse a gift out of spite or grudge (for instance you don't like your sister in law who is the giver) and only stick to the basic truth.

I hope this helps.

Future Q's for Missy E are welcome.

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