Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life Saving Gifts

Okay, so you can't make these gifts yourself, and they aren't all cheap as chips, but they are from the heart, because nothing is more personal than a gift that could protect or save the life of someone you care about. Please keep these in mind when you are deciding on a gift, and feel free to share this post with anyone you love or care for.

Fire Blankets these are wonderful, they fold up small and can be stored in your kitchen, near your fire or heater, and in your car. They are suitable to suppress the flames of any type of fire, unlike water and fire extinguishers which suit different kinds of fire. The fire blanket is universal, and if worse comes to worse you can use the blanket to shield you as you evacuate a burning room. You can find fire blankets in hardware stores, or ask your local fire department.

Smoke Detectors of course every home should have them, and in our state it is illegal to rent a home to a tenant without a fire detector, it should also be illegal to sell a home without a fire detector if you ask me. You need to figure out the number of detectors by the size and layout of the home, and they need to have their battery tested, we do ours each month, and every year on April 1st we replace the batteries, this is a special day used to remind citizens to do the same.

Clipsal Safety Switch we had one installed in our power metre box, they are a terrific defense against electricution as they cut the power when there is a surge due to electrical fault or misuse that causes electric shock.

Senior First Aid Course yes, again with the first aid training! I really can't recommend it enough and as well as coming away with vital experience and knowledge, the course fee acts as a charitable donation to our paramedics and ambulance services. First aid training also looks great on a resume.

Complete Car Inspection tyres, brakes, engine, seatbelts, and child safety seats (these are too frequently inadequately secured).... this is a great gift anytime but is outstanding before a road trip, so if you have a family member about to embark on a driving holiday, this would be a fantastic gift.

Doggy Car Harness saves your dog's life in the case of an accident as an unrestrained dog becomes a projectile on impact. You put the harness on your dog and secure him through the seatbelt, this also means he cannot become a danger to the driver as he can't move from his place in the car. I have seen people driving with their dog (large dogs at that) on their lap, how they can see or skilfully manouvre the steering wheel is beyond my comprehension.

Doggy Life Jackets I know a lot of 'boaties' who take their dog out in the boat, but it is only in recent years that they have thought to protect their beloved pet with a life vest especially designed for dogs. These are terrific and give peace of mind, and in the case of a boating accident you will have one less thing to worry about as you trust your dog can stay afloat.

Baby Monitors easily one of the most popular baby shower gifts, they allow parents and carers to monitor the baby from remote locations, giving peace of mind.

New Shower Screens the glass in modern shower screens is safer as it is much harder to break. Sadly a child in my community died from blood loss after falling through his grandmother's shower screen. Until this happened many of us were unaware of the danger in our homes, we are now committed to preventing similar tragedies.

I am sorry if this post has depressed you, but I see the chance to save other lives as uplifting, and I hope you will consider these and other life saving gifts, until next time, love Starry.


mandy said...

What wonderfulsuggestions Starry....I would never have thought of these myself....Great gift ideas for those who have everything...Thanks for the ideas...

Starry said...

Hi Mandy, yes the term 'for those who have everything' was in my mind while compiling the post. I'm glad you liked them, I hope you get a fire blanket for your place,
xxx Starry

Chez said...

My dear friend. So little for me to offer of myself at the moment however, wanted you to know that you are always lovingly remebered.

diane said...

Some good ideas there. Also a medical alert pendant or bracelet like bb wears saying he has an ICD and is a warfarin patient.

Starry said...

Hi Chez, wow, what a surprise, I never would expect to see you at this time, and you are lovingly thought of every day too. I know you will get to a comfortable place soon, I will see and talk to you more easily then,

xxx Starry

Starry said...

Hi Diane, yes the medic alert bracelets are fantastic, my father has one also for warfarin, coincidence!
I considered them for the list but thought they weren't giftish, until I remembered that you can always upgrade someones bracelet to one of the higher quality ones... oh well, at least you are keeping it in mind.
have a great week (gee is it half over already?)