Thursday, March 5, 2009

Baby Gear In Store Now

Tommee Tippee teether soft toy, $13.62 at Woolworths. I love this toy, it has a good grip on it, and the handle ring actually allows you to slip the ring through babie's seatbelt or pram strap so the toy can be played with but not lost on an outing. The head of the cow is a rattle, the feet (in the shape of love hearts) have crackle fabric, and the hands are designed especially for relief (or at least stimulation) during teething. There are a number of similar toys in different colours and animals, but this daisy cow was my fave and will suit boys or girls.

These padders are just the cutest things, padders are pre-shoes, not quite booties and not yet shoes, they are soft and as the name implies have a padded sole. They say 'cheeky' and then there is a monkey applique, implying your little one is a 'cheeky monkey'. I bought these for $7.32 in Woolworths.

This Elmo jumper (size 00 and up) is one of my favourite baby items right now. Not only is he such a lovable character, the jumper is so bright, very engaging for the baby, the quality of the stitching is very good, and it will really keep bub warm this winter. I bought this one for $14.88 at Big W.

The best time to buy baby toys and clothes are during special department sales in stores, and when promotional baby catalogues for stores such as Big W, Target, and Kmart are circulated. Each change of season there are quite good sales allowing you to buy newborn clothes ahead of the change in temperature and weather.

Patterned cot sheets are my best tip for baby linens, as they tend to disguise stains, as do patterned sleepwear and onesies.

Although printed fabric bibs look gorgeous they are really quite useless as they don't protect clothes underneath from food spills, and don't catch any falling debris. You can't beat the vinyl or plastic bibs with the catch me reservoirs at the bottom.

A small tuppaware container with bicarb soda in it is a handbag or diaper bag must have, you simply sprinkle on your clothes when the baby spits up on you and you won't smell terrible.

Well this brings my baby news and tips to an end for now, I hope you enjoy the little ones in your life,
Love Starry


diane said...

Thank you for your kind comments

lil harry said...

hello. I am finally catching up with everyone and finding everyone again. seems like we are all back over here again.

Starry said...

hi Lil Harry, I have missed you, though I intended to check in at bigpond I have found myself doing it less than desired. So good to see you here, it means I will also be able to find your blog here.

I also thought of you one night when I was reading Simple Abundance, I got to a couple of readings that made me groan and mock, but I have found some good ones again.

Thanks for visiting me here,
see you soon,
xxx Starry