Monday, March 30, 2009

Easy New Gift Project

Well I have been taking so many photographs that I needed a book for myself to keep a record of the small print outs and to doodle and make notes and perhaps compliment the images with scrapbooking paper, ribbons, and other embellishments, basically to inspire myself and have something to reflect on.
You could just as easily make this book for any other purpose, family photos, a mini scrapbook, a gratitude journal, or a friendship book.
I had a black spiral bound visual arts journal and covered the back inside and outside in one go with the pink floral paper you see above, and then on the front cover used a small segment of the same paper and topped it with the stripes, trimmed with gold metallic ribbon, and a transfer that reads "inspiration and genius, one and the same", and a small bird house tranfser.
The inside front cover is the hot pink with the words you see 'Dream, Seek, Find, Love, Live' and other small embellishments.
So you see making a personal album or journal for your loved ones is not a long job (mine took half an hour) and is very economic as gifts go, especially if you have fabric, paper, and ribbon remnants on hand.


Jace said...

Nice, Starry. :) This inspires me to make one for my "inspiration book". Let's see how mine turns out.

Starry said...

Oh Jace, yours will be beautiful, all your work is simply heavenly!

Shazam said...

what is it about a fresh pretty new notebook that makes me go yum yum? I have sooo many...then I end up writing lists on phone bills and shopping dockets...hopeless! :D crafty lady you've done it again!

Ang said...

Ihave seen some really pretty notebooks as of late and am also really wanting to do one.I really wanted to make one for swapbot to keep my swaps in order but it would be fun to put all crafty ideas down in one spot.Especially in a pretty little notebook.I can't wait until the weekend to start crafting again.I hate work!awwwww!

Starry said...

Hi Shazam, I have a lot of notebooks I make and many given to me, and the problem when they are so pretty is you want to use them for something you don't throw out when the book is full.... otherwise I feel guilty. so all my shopping lists are on the back of old manuscript drafts and printer errors!

Starry said...

Oh Ang, I bet you would make some fabulous books, especially since you can draw (I am terrible!) it is so fun and easy to make them, you can dream the work week away until the weekend. I am very lucky to work from home (though that means sometimes little work is done, or the craft takes over the writing....) I spend my life trying to balance!