Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Lenny Fire Sale (free $tuff)

Here is the card I need to get rid of, I made it for Lenny, it is perfect for him, a fish and fishing fanatic, I lovingly made it a week before his birthday. First I scoured the internet for a fish related graphic or photo, and came up with this piranha. Then I cut gold metallic ribbon as a mount, topped with the striped cardstock mount, and finished with stickers and a fine print 'happy birthday' banner across the top. Inside the card there is also written transfer greeting and plenty of space for a personal greeting.

I can't bear to give the card to someone I know as I made it especially for Lenny, so here is the thing, if you want this card for someone that you know (I hadn't gotten around to writing in it so it is unused), then leave a comment asking for the card, and I will send it to you free within Australia.

I also have an aqua Julian and Friends brand phone lanyard that was given to me that must go, it is not in it's packaging but is in new condition, rrp $16.95 which I will send for free within Australia.

Its really too bad I can't send you the photos of Lenny too, so that I can't look at them anymore but I can't imagine anyone would have any interest in them, so they will stay for now.

Don't worry about me, this is a good thing, I feel ready to release the card and the lanyard I was given to replace mine that broke, I want them to not go to waste, I want to pass the positive energy on, it gives me more positive energy in return.

Let me know if you have someone special you would like to give the card or lanyard to, you would make my day.

xxx Starry.

"Every challenge we face can be solved by a dream", David Schwartz.


mandy said...

Good morning Starry...
You did a beautiful job with the card....Good for you moving on...
Next step , to start dating others...Have you done this yet???..

Starry said...

Hi Mandy, no I haven't been on another date yet, but I have made contact, there are a few potentials on my horizon, so we will see.
I promise I will not be moping for Lenny from now on.
Have a great day gorgeous friend,
xxx Starry

Starry said...

Well I'm not surprised the card has had no takers so far, as it is very peculiar and unusual, it was perfect for the person I made it, I don't know, maybe I will put it in my Etsy store when I set it up. It is definitely an acquired taste!