Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Inner Child Day

Disco Butterfly Card, to wish all my readers, family, and friends, a Happy Inner Child Day, I made this card yesterday to share with you.

And for therapy for your inner child you could easily make the same card or similar, here's how I did it.

I used silver metallic cardstock for the card itself, and traced a butterfly shape onto the left half of the card.

Using stainless adhesive glue (if you don't have this, please select a glue that is clear) I applied the head of the butterfly which was a hot pink flower shaped gem stone (purchased in a set of mixed colours at Cost Plus).

The body of the butterfly is pink sequins, and the upper wings are purple sequins, with gold stars for the lower wings.

I drew the antennae with gel ink pen, and glued tiny stars on the tips.

There is a transfer that reads 'celebrate your special day'.

This is so easy your inner child, and your actual children could easily do this, or make other designs, hearts and flowers are particularly easy, as are stars.

This is a very economic card to make, and would suit any occasion.

Tomorrow I will load my photos of my inner child celebrations, don't forget, I'd love to know what you did on the day too.


lakebrat said...

Hi Starry,
Thank you for the sweet comment that you left on my blog. I've really enjoyed looking through yours and would love to comment on so many of them but chose your last one to do so. I love the card it's beautiful and I think that I'll try to make one myself using your instructions. Thanks for sharing them.
Come back to my blog and visit me sometime for I'll be back here for sure. Have a great night.

Starry said...

Thanks Robin, I'm glad you have also enjoyed my blog, I love to have friendships with creative people, and i will definitely keep track of your blog

Jace said...

Hey Starry ... great blog! I'll be coming back frequently for sure. :)

Starry said...

thanks Jace, and may I wish your inner child much happiness in your creative life,
xxx Starry

Chez said...

Oh Starry. My Inner Child is sad and neglected today.
I have comforted her and suggested that our special day has only been delayed. Not cancelled!
I am doing my best to catch up with blogs and comments.
Even when I am not here, you are never far from my thoughts. Jezz will be visiting you shortly. Just got the message my special friend xo

mandy said...

What a beautiful card Starry and the butterfly has my favourie colours in it....
My inner child i`m afraid has been put on the back burner...

Starry said...

Hi Chez, I know you have a great inner child in you, and I know that you will rejoice with her when the time comes. She too wishes to be freed from the pain you are in, and she will be.
I shall keep my eyes and ears open for Jezz, and try to pick up any good messages.
love to you both, xxx Starry

Starry said...

Hi Mandy, well the inner child is not completely forgotten as I see her in your blogs often, and know she is your companion. I am not surprised a busy mum like you has to put off time indulging her hearts desire, but I hope there will come a time soon when you can.
I will always hope this for you.
xxx Starry