Monday, November 15, 2010

Introducing My Handmade Postage Stamp Jewelry

I had to launch with a Christmas stamp, this one is from the UK, I love the tranquil winter setting... the snow... the forest... the second deer in the background. Deer are a traditional symbol of prosperity.

All jewelry featured here today are glazed into brass jewelry settings with a glass cover and a ball and chain necklace of up to 24 inches. I cut mine to at least 20 inches.

I love the teal, beige, and charcoal artwork on this vintage Mocambique stamp (Mozambique) a part of the postmark is visible in the upper right hand section but does not obscure the image of the butterfly.

A little brighter and cheerier is this stamp featuring roses.

This piece is not a stamp, its a miniature of a Mucha art piece and was a special request by my friend who has purchased it.
I'm looking forward to offering more stamp and altered art pieces (and practicing my photography... at the moment I find I get the shadow from the setting cup around the edges, also often the light reflections)
These pieces are now available in my new store section Altered Art Jewelry at


Miss Val's Creations said...

Wonderful pieces! I love the butterfly.

NoahsArkCreations said...

Absolutely beautiful! You're so talented.