Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hummingbird Earrings, Handmade Symbolic Jewelry

"At night I dream of the hummingbird; feel the beating of its wings; and if you only had one choice, my dear; would you fly or would you sing?" (Tom McRae)

I love the hummingbird so much that I'm really surprised to say this is my first creation featuring this beautiful, symbolic bird. If you have seen these before, they are the same pair, I only make one of each design, but they badly needed to be rephotographed!

The hummingbird is symbolic of joy and flirtation, and is a great choice of charm to recapture your youthful energy. I'd recommend this as a choice of charm or symbol for someone who needs healing, and wants to reconnect with their inner child. A great way to bring more of the joy of living to your daily outlook.

Green is also a very healing colour, and is youthful, I always refer to green as the 'colour of new ideas', combined with the hummingbird it may be more like the colour of enthusiasm for new experiences.

Green also resonates with self acceptance, I would use this for colour therapy where one needs to be more generous and gentle with self thoughts i.e. to combat harsh self judgment.

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Starry said...

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Jace said...

Lovely piece, Starry. The green is very pretty with the hummingbird. :)