Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Big Day Shopping With My Mum

Here is a photo of my mum and I hugging before our day of shopping together, and yes, we still hugged when it was over! We took the train to Perth and walked around the main shopping areas and had a great time.

Mum only embarrassed me once, we were in Kiki-K accessories and she told the shop assistant that she was looking for something 'cheap and nasty'. I thought an aneurism burst in my brain, but the guy laughed and said "we don't really 'do' cheap and nasty". I still cannot believe she said that! After we walked out of the store, I explained a few things to mum.

I said even if you walk into a store by mistake, and it turns out to be Versace and you are way out of your league, you never let on, you act act as if you belong. In a million years I would never tell someone I can't afford what is in their store. Even if they know. They can never be too sure. You don't confirm their suspicions!

Then I said, even when you are buying something 'cheap and nasty' its not really cheap and nasty, cheap yes, but if you're buying it, its not likely to be nasty, its a bargain, it has redeeming features, it has something that makes you think its worth it!

But we had a great laugh about it, even when I said "I'll kill you, I'm never going shopping with you again" I was laughing my ass off.

We had lunch, and then we tackled my shopping wish list... books. An armload of books to be exact. I wanted a large stack for summer reading. I struggled to navigate the store with the number of books I was holding, cue: shoulder pain! cue: back pain! Bless my 70year plus mother for helping me to carry some of my shopping, she's an angel when it comes to things like that. She always makes sure I have my sling and my pills before we leave the house and that I don't carry too much and if there is only one seat on a train, she knows whether to sit on it or offer it to me... no words, she can see by my face if I'm okay or not!

YUCKY BIT WARNING.... on the train on the way home, I said "OH GOD" and mum asks 'what?'.... oh, just a grown woman picking her nose and eating it in public! Do these people forget where they are? I guess if you eat that kind of thing it doesn't much matter where you are.


Blowing on a Pinwheel said...

Sounds like you guys had fun! Well, except the picky eater. Haha, get it, picky...eater...Sorry. Had to.

Starry said...

a good play on words, that's actually close to what I called her in my head, Picky Picky Eaty Eaty was my little name for her!

Chez said...

Starry I am thrilled that you had a lovely day with your Mum. Books, books and more books by the sound of it.
A grown woman!!!!!
Cannot believe it xo

Jace said...

So glad you've got the books you wanted. :) Enjoy!