Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Handmade for Mother's Day

I love a flapper! Hence I purchased these iconic flapper girl buttons the minute I saw them. They have now been used in my favourite pair of earrings ever designed by me. They are the only flapper girl buttons I have so no other piece of jewellery or craft I make will feature them, the Flapper Girl Earrings I am selling in my Etsy store (see link on the right of page) are unique.

These earrings are a medley of black, black and white, plum, and burgundy glass, ceramic, and plastic beads on a double strand of gold chain. The design also features plum marbled heart shaped beads.

This is my second button design featured in my Etsy store, this is a bright buttoned heart with inner spiral on a white short sleeved tshirt, size 12 (a small size 12).

In my Etsy store at the moment I have four sets of 6 hanging gift tags, the two tags here are from the set marked Opulent Gift Set. Each tag is unique but tags are created in coordinating pairs. Every gift tag has a patterned heart motif and lovely embellishments. (Far top of post and below)

There is still time to purchase handmade gifts for Mother's Day online, or to make something beautiful and original yourself, so don't lose heart, you can give the special lady in your life a terrific gift from the heart.


Shazam said...

those Flapper button earrings are boss!..I love flapper and 30's movie star style big eyes cupid lips...mysterious and dangerous! see ya next time Crafty belle

Starry said...

hey thanks Shazam, we just keep on having things in common don't we! I just ordered my Gilmore Girls merchandise, alas the pink bejwelled travel mug was sold out (how ironic if my post had anything to do with it!). I am getting a baseball jacket that says Major League Gilmore Fan on it... and of course the Reading Is Sexy tshirt.

Jace said...

Nice things, Starry. :) I'm popping over to your Etsy store to see the hanging tags!

Sammy Thorley said...

These works are so beautiful & sweet