Saturday, April 25, 2009

Gilmore Girls Gifts for Mother's Day

Does it really surprise you that I am a Gilmore Girls fanatic? I am, I have every season on DVD only when I watch them I am Lorelai Gilmore in thought and feeling, I just am! Gilmore Girls is terrific, and if you haven't seen the show you have so many hours of great 'girl time' to look forward to!

Above is the cover of my soundtrack purchased this year at Amazon, it is called 'Our Little Corner of The World, music from Gilmore Girls'. Fans of the show will be pleased to hear that the la la las and ornamental acapella singing is included in the play list. There is only one let down and that is that the cd does not feature the song that Lorelai and Luke first dance to at his sister's wedding, a crucial song to miss out if you ask me! I still do not know what this song is called or who performed it, if any reader does know, I would love to hear from you.

These were last year's sale prices so as a general rule you should not have to pay more than $32 a season, so if the price is too high, keep walking, you can do better. I have collected my seasons from Kmart, Big W, Target, Sanity, JB Hifi, and Video Ezy.
I recommend the Australian merchandise site for quick delivery and Australian Prices (better than overseas sites where you pay US dollars and higher shipping fees).
Browsing cafe press today I liked the following items:
Dragonfly Inn women's longsleeve tshirt $26.50
I'm A Lorelai tshirt, $26.50
I'm A Rory tshirt, $32
Life is Short, Talk Fast fridge magnets $6
Coffee is A Way Of Life in Stars Hollow mug $20.50 or better value, tshirt $26.50
Reading Is Sexy tshirt **** This is stunning, I am going to get one of these! offers tshirts, totes, journals and my favourite is the pink jewelled travel mug, only the most gorgeous travel mug you will ever see, priced at $14.35 I am going to get one, I can't resist!
Warner Brothers Shop also stocks Dragonfly Inn mugs, and Kirk tour merchandise.


Shazam said...

‘Reflecting Light' by Sam Phillips yep I am back LOL great to read you again! I looove the Gilmore Girls Luke so manly and handy and stern...:D take it easy me luvly see ya

Starry said...

Hey Shazam, good to have you back, I thought you might love the G-Girls, I love Luke too, and hiss at all the other men Lorelai dates/gets engaged to/marries (nasty Christopher, but poor Mr Medina!)
Last year when I bought the final season before it aired on tv I went to the cheesecake shop and got a cake made up with Gilmore Girls Goodbye and Goodluck for me and my friends to eat.
I shall pop in and see if you have a new post for me to enjoy, have a great day!