Thursday, April 23, 2009

Be Inspired - What's Keeping Me Warm This Winter

It was 6 degrees this morning, which has prompted me to dig out all my warm clothes and tuck the summer things away. I thought I'd give you a run down of all the favourite things old and new that are going to keep me warm this autumn and winter.

Above are my two shawls, or I should say, shawl and wrap. The top item is triangular shawl with tassels on the three points, it was knitted for me by my Mum from a pattern book I own. The bottom item is a wrap that was made from a free in store project sheet at Big W from the wool supplier Sean Sheep. Both projects were easy.

My trio of scarves. The green is ultra long, you double it and loop the whole thing around your neck, it is so soft and sparkly, and brings out the green in my eyes. The pinky one, is also fuzzy and glittery and I knitted it and then made a fringe for it, another very easy task. The middle scarf is polar fleece. An easy mother's day project would be to purchase a metre of polar fleece from a fabric store and cut it into the width and length of scarves you desire, your children can do this - you do not need to sew anything. That is right, polar fleece does not need to be hemmed, it maintains the integrity of its edges. You can cut a fringe just as easily.

My new boots, $50 from Kmart, bought in March, they are felt (fake psuede) and wool, with the wrap around straps and buckles with zips for easy fitting. I love them, they make my feet look small (a miracle as I have long thin feet) and they are so cosy and warm, I feel protected and snug inside them, and yes I have worn them twice already!

My new jacket from Sussans, this was pricey ($109) but it is so thick, and warm. The body of the jacket is quilted and reminds me of a bomber style jacket, but hugs the body without adding the appearance of too much weight. The sleeves are wool, and will go very well with my new boots.

This jacket is very heavy, you will have to be quite strong to wear it! It is a long trench coat but not full length, in charcoal and silvery white plaid. It is very warm, and I bought it this year from Kmart though I can't remember the price, sorry.


Jace said...

I really like the pinkish-purplish colours of your scarves and shawl. :) And your boots look snug and comfy. :)

mandy said...

omg you are not going to believe this but I put the same boots on layby...We have very similar

I love winter as I can hide under all those big bulky clothes...

Starry said...

Hi Jace, yes the purple tones are my fave, and I love to have hand made shawls, they are definitely part of my 'look'.

Starry said...

Hey Mandy, well you will be very happy with the boots, they are a real treat for the feet, I love walking around in them, I feel like I'm wearing a hug around my feet. But I dread them getting wet, as they won't be water proof so my old leather boots will still get a look in!