Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's Day for Men Who Oppose the Concept

Girls, please pass this on to all the men you know, I have written it with them in mind.
Fellows, my friends, I understand that you do not like Valentine's Day. It is commercial, it is materialistic, and it's annoying to be expected to shower someone with love simply because of the date on the calender. Have you seen the look on your girl's face when you run through these objections? If it were simply a case of their unreasonable disappointment and let's face it, probably a hissy fit as well, I would tell them to suck it up. Instead I'm telling you.
So you don't like commercial holidays? Really? Haven't heard you complain on your birthay, father's day or Christmas! As for the being told to to celebrate love because it is February 14 have you considered doing it on any other day? It would make a wonderful surprise.
I don't like commercial giving either, its the reason I founded this site. I like gifts from the heart, not the hip pocket. There are plenty of things you could do for free - write a note, place a flower from the garden on her pillow, give her a shell or piece of quartz you found on a walk. Serenade her with a song, even if you can't sing, to hell with the neighbours! Do that job she's been asking you to do for ages, surprise her with a willing heart, tell her you're sorry it took you so long to get around to it.
It would be a tremendous to surprise her any day of the year, but don't let her feel alone and unloved on Valentine's Day, tell her you love her. Tell her she's the most precious thing in your life. Don't do it to end the argument, say it because it's true.


Chez said...

If only I was valued and appreciated Starry. Now! That would be interesting.
Good to see you back here my friend.

Starry said...

Hi Chez, this will be my main blog now, so I will keep up with you much more easily. I have a very poor valentines day record which has allowed me to compile this list of arguments back to men who gripe about the day. I just think they should say or do something sometime in their life.
I really hope you feel some love and appreciation sometime soon but with men sometimes actions speak louder than words we have to interpret their actions. Or you could just print out this blog and pin it to the toilet wall!
Love you!