Friday, January 16, 2009

Back To School Treats

These are my favourite back to school gifts and treats for 2009.

1. Novelty Mouse Pad, my Tweety mouse pad is the favourite thing on my desk, and yes people do still use mouse pads even if only to protect their desk from scratches. This mouse pad was under $10 in Kmart and you can also have personal photos printed onto mouse pads.

2. Rachael Hale contact papers for book and file covering. Her beautiful kitten and puppy photographs have been printed onto these trendy contacts and are available for under $2 a roll. I got mine at Big W.

3. Novelty Ice Bricks, they freeze solid and fit into lunchboxes to keep the contents cool all day, for under $5 and in a variety of stores, they are available with flower, heart, soccer, football, and basketball designs.

4. Nudie Juices, these are better than a lot of juices which are just sugared water. Nudie Juices make great after school pick me ups or breakfast boosters.

5. Glitter Gel Ink Pens, these are the cheeriest little gifts around and are terrific for craft, personal journals, letters and cards.... even mum's love them.

6. Highlighters - the older the student the more they will need, try to find the best value packs without too many yellow highlighters as these tend to fade and are difficult to read in many lighting situations. I like 'ice' highlighters and get a multi pack at Big W every year.

7. Bonnie Belle Lipsmackers, a great treat for girls going back to school.

8. Online stationery treats from Smiggle, I love their pens, highlighters, storage systems and the groovy calculators!

9. Post It notes, no longer restricted to plain yellow notes, there is a wonderful range of adhesive notes, I find they are useful for mums and older students.

10. Every student enjoys a new school bag, especially if they are able to get one in their favourite colours or themes (perhaps a character bag, like Hello Kitty, or Thomas the Tank Engine).

I hope this helps you parents and grandparents to find the necessary supplies and incentives for students facing a return or debut at school.


Chez said...

Starry, this is such a lovely surprise! Managed to do a Post and then decided to check only to find you have Posted.

Now I love the ideas but unfortunately my grandchildren live away.

Looks like I am back in a big way. Feel much better. Thankfully!

Starry said...

Glad to hear you are feeling so much better, though i realize there is some more healing to be done.
I buy lots of stationery for myself at the school sales coz I use it in my office, especially paper, pens, highlighters, and printer cartridges. The contacts will be used to pretty up my files.
I do wish I had room for more shelves though, oh well one day I will have my own place.

See you later dear friend, xxx Starry