Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Easy Button T-shirt Project

You will find this buttoned t-shirt very easy to create for yourself, or for a handcrafted gift for others.
I bought a black t-shirt at Kmart for $9 and after washing and ironing it, I traced around a large star cut out (bought in a bulk pack from Office Works) using tailors chalk. I then laid the star cut out down on the table and arranged buttons onto it, ready to transfer one button at a time to the tshirt where I stitched them on.
The buttons were a combination of old spare buttons in my sewing box and a mixed packet of buttons purchased for $6.95 at Big W. The mixed bag was terrific with a combination of shiny and matt buttons, glitter, and even some heart and flower shapes included.
You could easily use this idea to create other designs, I have also made flowers, and it would be simple to create a heart, smiley face, dollar sign, music motif, and many other things. The shirts are so bright and cheery and get a lot of comments when worn out.

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