Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gifts For Parents-To-Be

There are many precious gifts you can give those awaiting the arrival of a baby. Anything you can make from the heart - baby beanies, bonnets, booties, shawls, layettes, nappy stackers, bibs, quilts, mobiles, toys, journals and scrapbooks - are all wonderful. Make sure the parent knows the safety ins and outs, from what age can the baby safely wear/play with your gift?
I happen to think the most outstanding gift you can give parents to be, is a senior first aid course/seminar, you pay for it and they attend. It could mean they save their own child's life one day. Babies and children can so easily choke, drown, ingest toxins, etc, don't alarm the parent to be unduly, just encourage them to gain the knowledge we all hope they never need.
Another excellent gift is a nappy service subscription. It is a great way to encourage the environmentally and baby bottom friendly thing, without chaining mum to the never ending chore of washing dirty cloth nappies. Just think how much more enjoyable the early days and weeks with baby will be when the parents have more time to rest and play. If you can't absorb the cost of a service by yourself it is worth pooling for a baby shower gift.
Digital cameras, movie cameras, and coupons for printing, hampers of camera paper, printer cartridges, blank dvd and cd discs are all going to be wonderful to have on hand for all the precious moments ahead.
Child proofing professional services are also a good idea, they can foresee and prevent many dangers in the home and provide the equipment to childproof the house.
In the near future I will be posting an idea I got from a friend, called Mother Blessing, as a variation on a Baby Shower, it is such a beautiful idea I can't wait to sheare with you. I hope these ideas help for now, they are costlier than my usual idea but I see them as being very important, so I hope you give them some thought, I know you will. XxX Starry.


Chez said...

Oh Starry. I have done it again. Did my comment before I had signed in. I then lost it.
Now all the wonderful things I had said have disappeared as I have just heard from Bec, Ness' younger sister. Apparently they have removed all of the nodes as well as finding something in the sternum. It seems it was worse than anticipated.
Please pray for her my friend.

Starry said...

Chez, I don't know what to say, I felt a strong ball of energy in me when I told you she would not be leaving yet, but that being said, I sense these things in blocks of time, I felt she is safe for at least 2 or 3 years. I would hate to be wrong about that, but it is what I got coming through. It will be so hard to remain positive with this situation growing bleaker, but belief (faith) is essential, we can so easily talk ourselves into dying. I hope lovely Vanessa can find a core of strength to grab the gift of time (of life) as it is the only way.
I hope you can find a serenity and trust in yourself too, to help you be calm and positive in this time of crisis. I will pray for you all.
Love Starry