Monday, February 16, 2009

All Buttoned Up

After the button tshirts, I still had a lot of buttons left over, so I bought a chipboard tissue box cover from Spotlight ($3.95), and painted it with a pot of lavender accrylic paint I had on hand.
Once it was well and truly dried I began by pouring my buttons into two shallow dishes so that I could select buttons, one at a time, and attach them with stainless adhesive glue.
I did one side at a time, allowing the glue to fully set before turning the box over to begin the next side.
I find it is a good idea to keep a slightly damp sponge at hand to wipe any wet strings of glue before they set on your project.
I think this would be a lovely gift for a little girl's bedroom, and something your children could easily do for a friend's gift (providing your children can be trusted not to choke on the buttons of course).
Making my box was so soothing, and I completed it just in time before I caught this awful cold, and of course I am seeing a lot of the tissue box, we may run away together in fact. If I get the energy.
"A thing of beauty is a joy forever, it's loveliness increases, it will never pass into nothingness", John Keats


Starry said...

my humble apologies to readers, this post will not allow me to double space for easy reading, I have tried, and tried editing six times now, I need to surrender as i am getting cranky! Perhaps another day it will let me fix the spacing to my heart's content.

Chez said...

Hi Starry, no apologies required. Love the box and admire your patience.

As far as the spacing I think you will find it is in the way it is set up. Tomorrow when I am fresh I will go into preferences and check which one it is. Fran gave me a helping hand in the early days when I had the same problem.

Do hope you are doing OK. I have been in more pain than I would like and away from the PC. Thinking of you

Shazam said...

Hi Starry, I am trying Blogger out it's quite a bit different to old Big Blog! happy I fond you I'm trying to find the whole ensemble on here I will get there! hope you are well I love the buttons!! so cute!! my Mum has a massive jar of buttons that fascinated me as a kid...still does a bit! some are really kooky and old! shine on Starry! Shazam!

Shazam said...

whoops! I meant found you! but fond you is quite sweet!!

Starry said...

Hi Chez,

sorry to hear the pain is still persisting at that awful level, though I thought it was the reason you have been scarce around the sites. I am glad you are not using the computer too much as I know it makes it all worse. We are always near in our hearts anyway.
As for the spacing, it always does what I want except for this post, and one other, obviously I have overlooked something on these posts... you live and learn.

Have a beautiful, restful, and inspiring day,xxx Starry

Starry said...


Hi, so excited to see you here, I have been missing your blog as I haven't ventured over to bigblog these past days.

I think some typos are great, yours is a nice one and brought a smile, I knew what you meant. My worse typo was one for new years when it said 'tell your fiends what they mean to you' and it was supposed to say 'friends', pretty big error!

Shazam, zamalang, have a great day, enjoy blogger, xxx Starry

Starry said...

Oh Shazam, I meant to say, though your probably realize, you can find other bigponders through our blog rolls - our followers and the lists of blogs they read. Hope this helps.

mandy said...

Love the tissue box Starry...I may do this with my son as he likes to get crafty with his hands....

Starry said...

Great idea Mandy, I hope he will have fun with this, I got my buttons $2 cheaper at Big W then at Spotlight (just a tip, they are the same packets of mixed bulk buttons).
xxx Starry

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Great project Starry! And I love the quote.

Hope you feel better soon!

Big hugs, Sherry

Lyss said...

I really like the button tissue box. You are so creative. Do you sell your wares?

Starry said...

Hi Sherry,

I am much better now, thank you, and you seem to be doing very well on the Better You path. I am so glad to have found another inspiring friend, xxx Starry

Starry said...

Hi Miss Lyss,
how are you going? Thanks for your kind words, I do sometimes sell my things, either through friends or at a market once a year. I also make a lot for gifts I give or people I know ask me to prepare something for them to give as gifts. If you want anything made, just ask, though my projects are all very easy as long as you have time to make them.
xxx Starry