Sunday, December 7, 2008

Welcome to Easy Giving 101

Hi, my name is Starry and this is a continuation of a blog I created on bigblog, so to all my loyal readers from the pond, thank you, and to my new readers, I hope you will enjoy Easy Giving.

I created this blog to help inspire people to give from the heart. We have all heard it said that it is the thought that counts but many people don't know how to express themselves, especially to those they love or have profound appreciation for.

I will give you tips on how to speak from the heart, as well as profile free and affordable gifts that you can create, and also show you store gifts that I am excited about. I don't believe that money equals love, only love is love. Gifts that are meaningful and personal are the most memorable and in these tough economic times, make the most sense. Your recipient will enjoy their gift knowing you have not placed yourself in financial strain to celebrate their special day.

Missy Etiquette answers reader's gift related questions.

Special tutorials are given, some to date on bigblog include how to write personal comments in cards and letters, photographing pets, and craft projects that are easy and fun.

Giving from the heart in general is also encouraged, giving to your self, your family, and the world in the most positive and rewarding way. From time to time I share entries from my gratitude journal to help inspire your own grateful thoughts, we are creating a gratitude garden.

I hope you will get a lot out of the site, and enjoy Easy Giving as much as I do, love Starry

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