Monday, December 8, 2008

How to Make Personal Comments in Cards & Letters

It seems that if there is ever a time to tell someone what they mean to you, it is on their special occasion, be it birthday, anniversary, or just to say thank you. As soon as you sit down with pen and paper, why do you get stuck? It may be that you feel stressed or under pressure to say the perfect thing. It may be that you are out of practice. Whatever the case there are some simple things that you can do to write a deeply personal, and therefore, individual message in a card or letter.

First of all, breathe, relax, stop thinking of yourself and focus on your special someone. Think of something about them that makes you feel happy, relaxed, even loved. Is it the twinkle in their eye, their smile, their laugh, is it their kindness, loyalty, or another attribute? Don't be afraid to tell them the thing you are thinking of, it will be a tremendous compliment.

Take a walk down memory lane - what is the first memory you have of this person? Remember a special moment or time in your life that you shared with this person. What is the funniest, naughtiest, or cheekiest thing you remember about your special person? Share your memories, memories bond us, if you share a memory your bond is strengthened.

If you are still short of filling your page, try sharing a quote, poem, or song lyrics, but always credit the original author. A poem does not have to be written by you to be appreciated - a beautiful quote or poem cited by you is still incredibly personal, it is flattering to think that these beautiful words reminded someone of yourself enough that they used it in a tribute to you.

I hope this helps you, I will have further tutorials along these lines in the future, my best wishes to you, Starry.


Chez Radford said...

Morning Starry
Can you believe this? Somewhere over the Rainbow is the song we played as Jeremy's Casket let the church. I remember when Dr Green passed in ER and they were at the beach. That was one of my favourite shows.
The music!!!! What do I have to do to have music on my site? I am so grateful to you for working that out. It is the one thing I am missing..
Bless you sweet friend.

Starry said...

Hi Chez, yes I have been chasing this particular version of the song for years! I love ER and have it on DVD, I love watching my fave shows on DVD. I finally have the song downloaded in its entirity on my computer and MP3. I am making a CD of some of my fave peaceful, beautiful, inspiring songs, maybe I can send one to you, it will boost our connection too. I notice you have My Immortal and Forever Young as fave songs, they are also on my MP3 and last time F-Young came on I thought of you and Jezz.I take it you have gotten my answer about putting the music on your blog, I shall check to see if you have done any yet. We are having rainy, grey day, and I have a loose dog (from somewhere in the neighbourhood) keeps coming and going from our front shrubs. I would love to give him a home but I have to check if he still has owners who want him and Mum is not keen. He is very big but very docile, even when Dad turned the hose on him (oh yes, he did!). He turned up in the early hours of the morning and curled up in the middle of a giant bush, flattening it out and making mum go mad. Mum reckoned she couldn't sleep with him panting and scrambling around outside her window.I hope to convince my parents to let me have a dog, if not this one, than any one will do! I have never had one and it is a huge hole in my heart that is strangely dog shaped. I said, what if I die and I never even got to own a dog (oh yes, I did!) I don't think she felt guilty but. Wish me luck. Hope you are having a beautiful day, love Starry