Wednesday, December 10, 2008

10 Things I Can Do to Improve Myself & the World

One day I decided to get specific about what I could do to improve myself, and of course via the outcomes, the world, at least in my immediate surrounding.

1. Be less judgemental, and remember that God loves everyone - He created them - so imagine how he feels when we speak insultingly of other people. We may name call, curse, or judge them even behind their back, it is not contributing to the greater good, and it poisons our own happiness and virtue.

2. Say please and thankyou more often, even to busy cashiers.

3. Give people second chances and forgive them when they ask, or apologise.

4. Pick up litter, just because you can.

5. Be more charitable and give gracefully.

6. Smile more!

7. Waste less - waste less time, energy, resources, food, money, and recycle and reuse more items.

8. Do everything you can to be fit and healthy. It is not limited to diet and exercise but includes taking care of yourself properly, not avoiding screening tests out of fear, taking medicines responsibly and seeking balance and order.

9. Anticipate the wants and needs of others, that way when you're taking care of them it seems natural and easy, they don't feel like they are putting you out.

10. Encourage people to fulfill their dreams and goals.

I hope this helps you to think of your own ten things, or even one, and I am working on a list of my next ten things, life is a lifelong mission and we are all works in progress.

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