Thursday, December 11, 2008

Family Movies and Cool Summer Treats

This summer why not watch some family movies together in the cool comfort of your home? Here are some of my favourite movies to watch with my family.

Mouse Hunt
Home Alone
Baby's Day Out
The Lion King
Brother Bear
Finding Nemo
Toy Story
About A Boy
The Dark Crystal
The Princess Bride
The Wizard Of Oz
Ella Enchanted
Mary Poppins
The Wind In The Willows
Watership Down
Charlotte's Web
Anne of Green Gables
The Princess Diaries
What A Girl Wants
The Santa Clause
Ever After
Simon Birch
Into The West
School Of Rock
Its A Wonderful Life
The Sound of Music
A Knight's Tale

While you are watching the movies why not eat some frozen fruit kebabs? I skewer pieces of my favourite summer fruits (banana, grape, kiwi, apple, strawberry, pineapple, watermelon) onto kebab sticks and place in the freezer where they are left either to chill, or to freeze completely. They are so cooling, and as they take longer to eat than a popsicle the kids will be entertained for longer.

My favourite ice tea treat is simple black tea, chilled and then mixed with lemonade, it looks like a shandy but you can still drive and it is more refreshing than alcohol which is actually dehydrating.

Another simple tea is twinings peach and raspberry tea bag, chilled and served with ice, I love it.

What are your favourite summer treats? I hope we will soon have the weather to enjoy them, at the moment I have been having unseasonal rain and thunder.


Chez said...

Afternoon Starry,

Did it surprise you that I went out and bought as many Heath Ledger movies as I could find after his passing?
As usual, I will take note of your movie list and keep them in mind when shopping.
For once, I can actually say that I have seen a couple and have others that are in my cupboard. Not yet out of their packaging.
Love the idea of the refreshing cool summer drinks...
Talk later Chez xo

Starry said...

Hi Chez, my movie list seems to stretch forever, I will have to do some more lists in future. The tea and the fruit really chill me during the worst heat waves. After my complaints that we are having wintry weather I have heard we can expect 35 degrees shortly. That will come as a shock to the system as we haven't built up to it slowly.
In a comment on your post you said you are having trouble loading page templates, well so far I haven't been able to load photos or graphics here, so I am in the same boat as bigpond really - must be vista?
Have a great day, xxx Starry