Monday, December 8, 2008

My Top 10 Stocking Stuffers

1. Darrell Lea mini bottles of boiled lollies (under $3 at Darrell Lea, selected pharmacies, and sweet shops) they are so pretty, I've always loved boiled lollies, and these are really good ones. The bottle is a great shape for reuse I have some filled with the tiniest most intricate beach shells I have collected over the years.

2. Dusk Melts. If you aren't aware, melts are strongly scented wax creations that are placed in the top part of an oil burner and they melt when the candle burns, releasing beautiful fragrance. They set again and can be used over and over before their scent wears out, then you just replace the melt. They come in value packs and are sold individually at Dusk. My favourite two varieties are Tibet and Rosehip Tea.

3. Diva rings, earrings and bracelets. The best variety of costume jewellery with new stock arriving every week of the year.

4. Rachael Hale pens, if you are familiar with this photographer's beautiful cat, dog, puppy and kitten calendars then you can imagine the pretty pens with pastel colours and photos on them. I bought mine at the cash register of a local card shop. It cost $3.95.

5. I like many of the cute jigsaw puzzles for young children, they are so bright and stimulating, they are fun to play with but they help the child to think strategically and to become more observant. A few weeks back K'mart shipped in a massive amount of the puzzles for under $5.

6. Mobile phone charms and lanyards for all ages and tastes.

7. Cute cookie cutter sets, the stainless steel ones are nice and shiny and last longer than the plastic ones which can break easily.

8. RSPCA small soft toys in cat and dog varieties you see them at Christmas and Easter in most toy shops including Kmart and Big W they are popular and they raise money and awareness for the cause of animal protection.

9. Mini LED torches that hang on your keyring. Mine is hot fuschia, they come in a number of metallic colours including electric blue, gold, and silver. I bought mine at Big W for under $10 it is gorgeous and so useful, especially getting home late at night to see to get the key in the door!

10. Christmas ornaments, ceramic figurines.... I always resort to these if I don't want to get more food type gifts in the stocking.

My reserve stocking stuffers are sets of handmade cards and gift tags for my friends who are too busy to make their own. I also like the eyeshadow palettes from last week, nail polish, the Razzamatazz lingerie bags I featured in my first week blogging, and the cute socks I got last week with glitter threads and cupcakes on them (they were Razzamatazz or Hole Proof, not sure, but purchased in a two pack from Big W).

I hope these help, there aren't too many boy ones there but that is because I am more in touch with the girly things, for boys I often find great t-shirts, they seem to like them and as they don't like shopping it makes their day!
Love, Starry

"It is the personal thoughtfulness, the warm human awareness, the reaching out of the self to ones fellow man that makes giving worthy of the Christmas spirit", Isabel Currier

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